Wednesday Eveningtime

Alright? Another hot n busy day. Gonna eat some southern fried chicken and watch TV I reckon. Need to tidy up a bit cause my parents are coming over for dinner on Friday but I just cannot ba.


Went to the beach. Dog went swimming.

Had a carb heavy lunch and now thinking of a nap


heading to the last festival of the year tomorrow, probably should think about packing at some point.

Stressed out of my mind for boring work reasons

Alright pals. Can’t decide if I can be arsed to go to a gig tonight. EyeHateGod and Church Of Misery. Can I?

  • You can be bothered
  • You can’t be bothered
  • Third option
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Still in a&e waiting to be allowed to go home. They were threatening to keep me in, no fucking thanks

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Hope you get home soon Froggo :heart:


Evening all :wave:

Week feels like it’s been about six days long already. I’ve got another 24 years of this shit

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I know both of those names but not much about the bands - are you going to regret not seeing this particular tour?


Drove back to the NE from London the day. Tired now. Was tired from yesterday n’all, did a full day in big London with the kids - London Eye, Covent garden, St James Park, Westminster etc. Hot and busy, did c27k steps too.

Early into work tomorrow on the clearing hotline and don’t want to, as although I’ve had 6 days leave, it’s been a full on shitstorm at work so I’ve been on loads of calls and i don’t feel like I’ve had any kind of break at all.

Still, mustn’t grumble and all that. Had fajitas for tea.


Just been curled up in the foetal position listening to this on repeat for about an hour…

Evening all!

I’ve been arranging inductions and trying to recruit students most of the day, before a successful computer games session after work hours. I listened to the end of the football at lunch and that was good.

I made a version of the roasted tomato gnocchi from GRT for tea.

The Child’s return to school was fine.

Jerk chicken, rice and peas, yardie fries, jerk mayo, dumpling, yam, green banana, sweet potato


And a plate


Saw a small owl on the wire in the country.

Went to a restaurant in a pomegranate grove (orchard?) and had sea bass cerviche. Walked it back along the river. Am now more mosquito bite than human

Got the street dogs a kebab, cuddled the kittens, had a forest fruits Twister.

Phone isnt letting me spam you but rest assured, terrible owl photo and more to come


Always go to the gig



Restaurant was on a river full of terrapins too


Lovely Celtic beans on toast


Just finished giving my son a haircut and now frying up some halloumi to go with a giant cous cous salad I made earlier on. Got that with some leftover Msabbaha I made on Monday.

How is it only Wednesday?

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