Wednesday, everyone!

Morning all

There wasn’t a Wednesday thread but now there is one! How are you? Plans for the day?

I’m on the train to Cambridge, listening to Low and thawing my hands out. What about you?

I’ve really hurt my neck overnight.

In the office, cba, meeting someone who left last year for late lunch though so that’ll be nice (and the only reason I dragged myself out of bed really).


I knew this would happen…


I’ve got three office days this week :confused: and the only person on the train without a mask seems to have a cold :+1: oh they’ve put their mask on now.

Fine margins, Keith


Morning all!

I’m completing two job applications, some interview prep and finishing some marking today if all goes to plan, but I’ll probably save the marking until the weekend.

I’m making saag tofu for tea and then football later.

What are you doing/ avoiding/ eating?

Thanks @whiterussian!


Quicker than LIGHTNING!!


spoliered because of a rant

It’s terrible up here, especially when I compare it to London - seems to be a very high percentage of people on the tube wearing a mask for instance but here I’m often one of the only ones on the bus or tram.

School sent out a letter at the start of this term saying ‘if you’re comfortable to wear a mask at school pick up and drop off please continue to do so’. I’m not exaggerating here, I am THE ONLY parent in the whole school who wears one now. For a few weeks there were about 3 or 4 others but they’ve stopped now too. I mean, I don’t think wearing one outside at staggered drop-offs is really that pressing tbh but the school stated they’d really like us to so it’s just courtesy isn’t it. Blah.

FUCK OFF NOT SPOILERING. Sorry, tried three times and it’s failed.


Morning. Having to deal with a not-very-helpful person at work of late. They’re not affecting me per se as I’ve come across their type in businesses before, but they are starting to antagonise one of my team, and I am therefore feeling pretty snarly about it.

Need to keep my cool and quietly stamp that behaviour out.

No. No thank you.


Back in the office again. I normally have my weekly catch up with my boss on fridays, but since we’re both in the office today he changed it to today. And then about 4 o clock yesterday afternoon he decided that our catch up will be my appraisal. GREAT :grimacing:

Yeah, almost nobody wears one on the playground locally to us either, and everyone funnels in and out of the one tiny entrance…

Really CBA with today I’ll be honest!


Waiting in for a special delivery this morning. I don’t even know if I need to be here for it or not, it’s only an envelope so I guess the postperson will just stick it through the letterbox.

Regardless, the weather is currently too grim for cycling and the dog has fucked off back to bed, so no walkies for now.

Made vegan waffles for a breakfast treat that I thoroughly deserve (as does everyone else)


Morning all.

Got a half day today as we’re visiting our potential dog again for another intro session.

I have also organised a chat with a consultancy looking for someone in my line of work, to get a better understanding of the job they’re recruiting for. Reckon I’m 99% certain Im a no on it, but there’s no harm in a discussion.

Mighty fine

I will not be seeing a film at the LFF tonight.

In the office, listening to the quiet buzz of the aircon

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dried strawberries on chocolate hazelnut spread is really yummy

I’ve noticed a big variation on the trains depending on when I’m travelling. During the day and especially around commuting times, most people seem to wear one but nobody seems to bother at the weekend.

Got a really good dress on today