Wednesday Football Thread

Wigs fell off, Giroud was embarrassing, good fun all round.

Mickey Phelan denied an OT return, Pardew to amusingly laugh off the Meyler headbutt in his unveiling conference? Rowett maybe?

Spurs Chelsea tonight which should hopefully be a humdinger

Rumours of a Manchester United return for Patrice Evra which I would be absolutely buzzing for

Leicester and Everton sign some newgens


Watford are being really abysmal lately and it’s no fun. It’s only going to get worse in the short term too :tired_face: WE HAVE NO PLAYERS.

I did not know you were a Watford fan, you are quite bad at the minute aren’t you

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Just freely sign a few regens off the feeder clubs you’ve craftily added to the database. Almost certain this is what your owners do anyway.

Got a feeling Spurs will win tonight. This might just be antibantsing the 3 Chelsea players in my FF team, but I reckon Tottenham’s style is pretty well set up to play against the 3-4-3 (really fit full-backs overlapping, Eriksen, Alli & Son overloading Kante’s area). They gave them their hardest game of this run so far in November too.

It’s horrendous. I grew up round there so that’s why but I’m ever tempted to defect and watch someone actually good. Regardless of results It’s such ugly football too - high balls, hit & hope efforts & panicky defending. Ugh.

It’s true. :sweat:

Still can’t fucking believe we lost to you, in the home end for it, comfortably the worst match-going experience I’ve had.

Marco Silva overtaken Gary Rowett as the bookies favourite for the Hull job. Sky think he’s the leading contender as well. Apparently the owners were speaking to them both in Summer but talks fell apart for whatever reason. Not heard of Marco Silva, but his managerial record is decent in Portugal and Greece so it could mean very little.

You want to watch Palace. We really are abysmal. 3 fit defenders (Tomkins was supposed to be out for a few more weeks but is playing due there being no one else) and 1 striker in Fraser Campbell. Zaha is going to Afcon too.

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See you in the Championship!

Lot of abysmal teams not in the relegation zone it seems

best league in the world

Sacking is really harsh on Phelan. Gave him a pile of turd to work with then sacked him before he’d even had a chance to polish it.

aye, coming up through the playoffs then selling one of your only premiership quality players is always going to end badly

It’s a very incompetent club.


Similar to the Guidolin sacking: The team looked like they were playing for him, set out decently and working hard, but the fact is they’re shite and simply aren’t going to be winning many at this level.

On the other hand the guy’s a caretaker through-and-through, so if the club’s got somebody lined up the start of Jan is the time to remove him. They don’t and whichever chump gets the nod will get fuck all to spend anyway, but they have to be seen to be going through the motions.


Not sure if the Phelan sacking is harsh or not. He started off great and with two or three good signings he could’ve set up a team that could survive. Instead he signed a dozen shit players.