Wednesday For You

Here’s the Wednesday thread for you. I am awake but unfortunately unable to leave bed for reasons of extreme cosiness and comfitude. Please send help.

What lies in store for you this Wednesday?

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Going to work

Ukulele club

Writing reports

Roasting some broccoli


Lovely :sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny: today. :star_struck:

almost makes mrS awful mood bearable


Got to take a detour to work to pick up my colleague whose car’s in the garage
Probably some laundry or something
Shit TV

Binning off work this morning to go and pick up my new specs.

Dog walking beforehand, and afterwards.

Begrudgingly some time at my desk, to deal with the inevitable backlog from the foregoing.

Thinking I’m gonna sack off office, so can either finish early or long lunch n the park

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Morning all!

I’m a bit snotty this morning; decided to start my antihistamine dosing now the weather is meant to be nice.

I’m teaching from home in the morning and then walking in for the afternoon. It’ll be fine.

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Gig gig gig gig
Pizza pizza pizza pizza
Beer beer beer beer

Everything before that is just killin time


The slight proble with this i i hardly do jot of work hen not in the office, but ill deal with that tomorrow

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Ooh, what gig have you got?

BODEGA supported by Bug Club. They were amazing last time I saw them, and was considering seeing BC at their own headline show so bonus


Feeling rough - no covid positive yet. I had to sleep in the spare room as Mr Covid was snoring so bloody loud! I could then hear him through the walls!

Guess you wont be taking his name then.

Hope you feel better soon


Think my boss is back today so i can relax a bit. Yesterday i managed to achieve nothing on my personal todo list and instead ran around solving other people’s problems.

Still in bed and feeling pretty shite. Gonna tell work i cant do much today and then cant go to a gig ive been really looking forward to tonight. Bummed :sleepy: can someone bring me coffee in bed pls


Don’t know what to do today.

Plan was to visit my grandma but turns out she’s isolating because she saw someone a few days ago who subsequently tested positive. At a bit of a loose end now.

Too warm/sunny for a big dog walk. Not feeling a big bike ride. Might go for a bimble about here and there perhaps

Oi oi.

Day off today. Nursery run, long walk into town with the bubba, supplementary shopping, maybe a bagel and coffee, home, make cottage pie for the kids, nursery run, dinnertime, bedtime.

Having a couple of curries tonight. Made the masoor dal last night, so just the bhindi masala to make tonight. Gonna be :fire::fire:


In a bid to be as self-sufficient as possible, I’m building a raised bed / allotment across half of our garden. We’ve planted stuff indoors in advance, to be moved outside in a month or two.

It’s all sprouting. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited by vegetables.


Lying in bed with a lemsip.
Get picked up in an hour or so as I’m off to play golf today.

GWS poorly dissers.

In the office today, for a change of scene. No meetings so might get some actual work done, the impossible dream.

Might see X at the cinema tonight.

Morning sweet angels

Listening to a lovely @rich-t playlist on my sunny walk to work.

Got 3 pieces of salt and pepper tofu in my bag to dunk in some soup later and oh boy, apparently that’s all it takes to get me pumped for the day ahead.

:orange_heart::tangerine: Here’s some vitamin C for the cold crew :tangerine::orange_heart: