Wednesday/Hump day

Up early because I need to go to London. Fuck off, London.

Been up since 4.10 with a baby that wouldn’t sleep. Pretty tired already. Really relishing the idea of driving 20 miles to work, doing a full day and driving 20 miles home now.

Fuck off, 40 mile round trip and work.


Just want my bed and an early night. Of course we have friends around this evening :sob:

Fuck off, mwt’s friends.


I always feel like that first thing in the morning! Perhaps you’ll feel more up for it later?

A rare 9am to 5:30pm “shift” for me. Nothing else to report.

I’m sure I’ll have a laugh when they are round :slight_smile:
How you doing?


Fuck off, mornings.


Fuck off, scarcity of reasonable working hours.


Still ill and can’t sleep worrying about work and stuff. I’m a bundle of joy this morning :upside_down_face::wink:

Ps. I’m sure you will too!

What horror/Halloween films are in Netflix that I can watch over the next week?

Aw man. Gws :hugs:

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Back to Leeds and then seeing Melt Banana tonight :heart_eyes:

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Got so many annoying jobs to do around the house today. Also expecting thst R won’t manage the full day with his dad because he is still a bit unwell.

Also was up at 5:40 because of tiny human alarm clock.

As much as I joke about it (a lot), there really are some definite upsides to being in a long term, committed, cohabiting relationship. Like rushing out the front door while saying “really sorry love but I’ve made a right mess of the upstairs toilet but I’m going to miss my train if I do something about it now. I’ll sort it when I get home.” and seeing the look of utter horror on her face as you close the front door.

It’s the little moments, really.


Circuits class done, back to bed for an hour, flu vaccine at ten, might fit some work in :woman_shrugging:, drive to Manchester

One of the best French words, this.

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Morning all,

Don’t think I got to sleep until 2, been awake since 5 with empty belly ache and worry brain.
Throat still sore and headache still present but that could be because I’ve been lying awake idk. Fever gone though, yay!
Going to have a lemsip and shower and try to decide if I’m well enough for work.
Don’t like that people go into work still ill and make everyone else ill but I could be that person cos I’m feeling anxious and guilty about already being off for a day and a half.

Doctor DiS, am I still contagious?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I have no medical knowledge whatsoever but I do like voting in polls

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Needy hugs from my sickbed x

Went out for dinner last night to celebrate the TV’s birthday, and during a group selfie she leaned into the table candle and fully set her hair on fire. I hate to sound like a monster but as soon as we’d established that she wasn’t hurt, it went from being a red alert emergency to being one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year.

The best part about all this is that the selfie was a Live Photo, so I now have a gif of the entire thing. (Don’t worry folks, she’s fine).