Wednesday (hump) 🍆

Hi guys.

I had a bit of a palaver of a day yesterday (culminating in having a root canal procedure in the evening). Hope today will be better.

I have a question for @Epimer: I’ve been taking cheap generic ibuprofen for the tooth pain which is the only thing which seems to work, but it wears off quite quickly. Am I better off buying some Neurofen or other branded product?

Tell me about your days please.

Nah, probably not noticeably so. Can you take paracetamol too? Might give you more relief.

Going to get the train back to Cambridge after the rush dies down a bit, then do some Christmas shopping. I have no ideas for any of it. I’m hoping that looking at stuff in shops will help.

You might get a placebo effect from Nurofen, though. Which is good.

Yeah I can, and have, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

All well.

Bloody teeth, eh? Oooh, placebo affect. Hmmm. The pain should stop today anyway. Fucking hell.

I have one of those stupid days where I had a meeting at 8:15 and I have another meeting at 3pm and not much to do in between but not enough time in between (cos of travel) to do anything interesting/fun

Might go back to bed

Also, root canal eh?

I’ve always wondered what exactly that involves…wanna talk about it?

hope your tooth feels better soon

work Christmas doo last night. standard feeling of hungover, started off with the intention of being home by 7, ended up crashing at a mates in town. nothing embarrassing happened to my knowledge. a guy lost his coat… \m/,

It was fine tbh.

Blurred in case anyone’s funny about it:

I only had the first bit done yesterday which involves… Opening up the tooth and poking weird bits of metal down there to remove the infection and then the nerve. They then put a temporary filing in, which will be removed and filled in properly next week. I honestly didn’t feel anything because they gave me a local anaesthetic :ok_hand:

Added bonus info: the infection wasn’t down to tooth decay (obvs I brush my teeth and everything very well) but instead down to root movement in my tooth which very very rarely happens after orthodontic treatment which I had in my teens. Also, the dentist was bloody lovely and younger than me I reckon.

Go to thenpharmacy and ask for codeine, maaaan.

Did that. Didn’t help. Can’t you even believe it.

Hey, how long have you been taking the ibuprofen for? For toothache, I find that it only seems to start working properly after a couple of days.

Since it started on Monday. And yeah, you might be right you know. Took in the middle of the night and it still doesn’t hurt (but also should be healing anyway).

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Last exam of term today, yeaaaah.

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Anywhere good for breakfast in Chalk Farm/Camden or around Kings Cross, or should In just get a misery croissant from Pret?

Sounds not too distressing - certainly not compared to the massive pain of toothache/infection

Never had a sexy dentist moment but the last time I had my eyes tested the optician was heaving her ample bosom right up close & it was most distracting

Or maybe you just meant lovely personality idk

the gods are smiling upon me :raised_hands:

off to a taste panel to drink free coffee at 10:30 :muscle:


Maybe you should ask what In wants


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Not sure if it was all the chat yesterday about ghosts or in fact I was due a good spooking but had a ‘calling’ last night to take the bins out at 1am (I had gone to bed at a sensible 10pm, sober I must add before I am accused of having being inebriated) So I got my clothes back on (no point in putting clean boxers on and it turns out it would have been quite the waste if I had) and wandered slowly down the stairs, past the creaking (haunted) floorboards and down to the back of the bins…to be Screamed at by no other than a BANSHEE (No…Joke) We do live behind a Irish pub, luckily for me I had my night-muffs on so her deafening Screaming never tempted me (so to speak) and I threw the rubbish bag at her and fled back up stairs, she seems to have given me a spooky-scratch as well on my legs as woke up with more scratches on my legs again. Haters gonna Hate this Post and the doubters gonna doubt but you cannot argue with Factual Evidence

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when i had a root canal there was a french nurse who kept stroking my face, might have hallucinated it but it helped either way


Ugh, got a wee bit too drunk for a school night. Star Wars tonight though! :ok_hand:

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