Wednesday, I believe

  • Sports direct pint of tea (double-bagged w/ a tiny bit of sugat)
  • Classy normal mug (one bag, no sugar, real grown up shit)

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if you had any issue with something being “too cheesy” don’t buy something cheesy?! What is up with people!

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Dunno, you’d think he’d have mentioned it by now if he was.


I’m not sure thats morrissey?

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that is John Rob the punk musician/ music rent a gob/ pastry hater (alleged)

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a good safety guess on here though!

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I probably would have guessed at johnny depp tbf

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Ik, r.

They probably only like mild cheddar or something.

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I’m teaching spin again tonight but it doesn’t start til 7:15 and I don’t really need to be there before say 7pm to set up so wtf am I gonna do til then? it takes me 30 mins to get there from work. BORED.

I thought it was someone that used to be in a soap for some reason.

or just plain Philadelphia

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Oh yes a nap could work


just ate 4 non vegan bits of chocolate from the tin cause i’m that bored
(2 x lindt, 1 x malteaser celebration and 1 x wispa hero)

One of the chess men has a black eye though.

Went for the pint.



Thank fuck my colleagues had all left before I saw this


:grinning::+1::grinning: lovely stuff

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I’ve been eyeballing Joanie for weeks now. Might need to indulge!!!