Wednesday (I think) Evening

Alright? Busy ol’ day and now I’m tired. Also a bit blue about several things. Got a picky tea and some gin ‘n’ beers though so not all bad. Might start Only Murders In The Building, any good? Have a nice evening mates.

Yeah, it’s very easy watching with enjoyable characters, although I don’t think we’ve got to the end of the second series.

Hi. About to have a shower and then cycle into town for a beer or two.




Just starting work. Fairly short one tonight, although starting this late still makes that a 1am finish.

Had salmon, potatoes, veg as a 4pm dinner. Got a posh sausage roll (reduced from 3.50 to 83p in the Coop), a bag o crisps and a penguin for my break at about 9.

Thought OMITB was pretty meh if I’m being honest, but lots of people here like it, so maybe I’m a bit principalskinner.jpeg

Ummm, boring day looking after both kids. One has cabin fever, the other is not well still. Eldest has gone bed, gonna do youngest 's bedtime in a sec. Having sausages, veg and smashed new pots for tea and beer

Hope things pick up funky. Or at least that they don’t pick down.

I’m going to watch a webinar in a bit and then go to bed I think. I’m absolutely mashed.


Mates I’m so excited. I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for years but somehow never got round to it.

My mostly vegan friend suggested/offered to share a cheesy side with me too :grin:


Been in bed all day (time of the month)

Boyfriend is making cookies :cookie: :yum:

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Only murders in the building is perfect.

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Season 3 is gonna have Paul Rudd and Meryl Streep in!

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Been fancying Gochujang Chicken for a while, so I made it and it absolutely hit the spot.

Am now trying to word a message asking if anyone knows anyone who would like to have Winifred over to stay while we’re at Primavera/Valencia. So far I’ve got one line and am stuck.


for the FAO of @funkhouser, @Jimouthargyle @SunnyB @Steved @myyada and any other Wescountry TV / TSW folks

My birthday card from my parents turned up late, but my word it was worth the delay

came with a little badge as well!


Holy moly!

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Been taking showers right after I stop working lately, has been a good way to unwind. Noodles tonight.


Hi all. Just back from the gym. Not sure what to have for dinner. Can’t be arsed.

Does anyone have any expertise on Scottish wills/inheritance and wouldn’t mind me asking them a few questions?

saw some hares today, they’re like rabbits but bigger!


My feral wilderness bretherin.


shouting lago lago lagomorph!


Evening all!

I’ve had quite a long and intense day at work involving some exams, some revision classes and some nice presentations followed by an online training course.

I did not manage to beat the final FF7 boss again.

I took The Child’s bike to school when I collected her and I’m tired now.

We had tofu and noodles for tea. Wor Lass has made mango cupcakes for work tomorrow so I’ll probably have one of those later.