Wednesday im first!

I keep on having such broken sleep and mad dreams.

It was fun to begin with but now not so sure.

Morning Tilty

Back to autumn then. Just started throwing it down as I left the house

(Also good morning all)

I’m waking up before my kiddo at the moment, and he’s in a phase of waking up really early. No fun.

Morning. Up early feeding a tiny human and enjoying the peace and listening to the cure. The cure feel like quite an autumn band.

Morning first, I’m sixth


Morning all, are the shorts days over for another year then?

Baby had a rough night. Ill for the third time in three weeks since starting nursery it seems :persevere:

Sounds shite mate.

Looks well foggy outside. Need to take the toddler to nursery. Via bike obvs, so I’m pretending it’s very much still summer, with some shorts on.

Maybe my new phone will arrive today. Tracking says it’s stuck at the DPD Birmingham hub with an unexpected delay :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Should probably get up then eh

Morning all!

I was up with The Child at half one and ended up sleeping in her bed for some of the night. I’m not feeling especially well rested.

I’ve got a day of talking to my graphic design students online to look forward to. I’ll probably treat myself to an M&S lunch of some description.

75 days until Christmas :santa:


Morning troops, taking the train to work which is fun.

Ugh, rubbish cold which is mostly in my ears at the moment. Might just go back to bed in the hope that I’ll feel better when I wake up a second time.

Had a great dream, how come all the good dreams are the ones thay get disturbed by the alarm? Always leaving myself on a cliffhanger.

Got loads of uni reading to do before class this afternoon but got a tour first and its torrential rain. Waaaa.

Gonna be warm though. 20°c.

Morning. Back down to Lymington for the second day in a row. Team meeting involving a bird watch on the coast for a bit.

Kind of happy to get my big coats out again, although I’ll be bitterly complaining about the cold soon enough

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Sweet, hope it’s a free DM-2 or a Memory Man!!

(this one’s for the gear wankers)


Morning. Turns out I’ve been here a year :partying_face:


WTF are these lowest temps this weekend, lads.