Wednesday innit

Morning DiS.
The faith thread has given me the best of earworms. Happy Wednesday


:smiley: exactly what I thought when I read the OP last night… but that darned ssp


Need to answer a question about how my boss can use his strengths more effectively on some stupid online questionnaire. Anonymous, but he’s clearly going to know who’s written it by the writing style. Absolutely no idea what to put, any recommendations?

tell him he should be more assertive and stop sending out questionnaires for starters

Why’s it winter again


Winter VII: Adrian’s Revenge


Got a work experience kid coming into the office today. No idea what we’ll do with her.

Practice after work though, YEOW!

Had a (non-sexy) dream that I ran a pub and 5 DiSers worked there. Anyone want to lend me the money to make it happen?

Day off today, absolutely worn out so don’t think we’ll do a lot. Got some pork to slow cook, and need to pick up a parcel but that’s it really.

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Just spent half an hour scrolling through the Keanu Reeves Doing Things account. Keanu’s the best isn’t he :heart:


So naive



I have sad Pokémon related news. The Tokyo Station centre has caged hundreds if not thousands of poke’s in conditions we wouldn’t consider fit for battery farm hens.


I had a dream about @anon75298087 last night

was on a plane and the guy sitting next to me started choking or got sick or something and they did the whole “is there a doctor on board?” thing. and dingers volunteers and comes up and I’m thinking “wtf you’re no a doctor” but I don’t say anything. then she starts just randomly poking and prodding the guy pretending she’s doctoring him but I can tell she’s just making it up but everyone’s watching and I’m not sure if I should say anything.

then it just kinda ends. wonder if he made it.


Penge-o Snowdrift

Amazing! @anon75298087 was one of my team! @colon_closed_bracket, @Kallgeese, @Scout and @kermitwormit too. Yours sounds much more entertaining.


That would be an amazing workplace.:smiley:

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Yeah you 5 should all just quit your jobs now while I find us a premises.


Stayed in a Travelodge (who still to charge for WiFi ffs, in 2019) twin room overlooking an Aldi carpark. Proper glam stuff.

Working in London today, train back home tonight, back at like half nine.

Pretty :sleeping: Need to start either leaving earlier or claiming these travelling hours back somehow - had a similar trip back from Birmingham last week. But then, I basically just have too much work going on, and I don’t think they’ve even interviewed for someone to replace the person who left last December. We had a whole talk yesterday about a(nother) new performance management system, that purports to put “wellness” in the middle. Bit it was classic corporate stuff, wellness placed entirely on the individual. Like, mate, hire sufficient staff and then we can talk about what’s going on in my life.

Would absolutely work at this pub. What a bunch of babes.


Hi hi. Got the day off today for the wife-o’s birthday so whipping up some eggs benny and some coconut lattes this morning and then we’re off to the Diane Arbus exhibition at the Hayward then some steamed hams at Patty & Bun, then the cinema for Us and then maybe a converted public bog for wine and cheese :blush:


It’s the eldest nephews 15th today. Where the hell did those years go.

Going out for a family meal later so I’ll be leaving work a little early. He seemed disappointed when I said I couldn’t get him tickets for La Dispute due to work commitments. That was a lie and he’ll be getting them today.