Wednesday is my Monday


Nearly everyone else in my department is at a training event at another campus.

How many people will you work alongside today? Currently one for me.


WFH so zero.
Finally getting a new washing machine installed after ours died 5 weeks ago.


Machines are people too, so I’m recording one for you.


I want to go back to sleep, but I have German.


There will be one other person in my office today. I’ll need to remember that and not fart merrily way as if I was on my own.

I bought a new bass last night. It will be arriving on Monday. I am excited.

Nothing else to report.




no job so zero
got a docs appointment in a bit though so i will have some kind of human interaction
amused by the fact that clive sinclair’s nephew has made a new version of the C5


WFH as per every day, so just the remote team via email. Probably going to take the family out for lunch.


4 in this office, with numerous techs coming and going.

Today is my friday as tomorrow i am off to Dublin for a couple of nights! WooHoo.
And tonight i’m off to the film festival opening gala w3hich is always a good wee night out :slight_smile:


When you get in to find a massive building power failure and have to go home again.

Annoying because I WFH last two days & wanted to have some office time.


Probably about 5 in my immediate vicinity, 25 or so on the floor. Seeing hexa tonight


None. Got into the habit of going into a co-working space once a week to get some human interaction but I hate my laptop keyboard so I haven’t been in months. Should probably cancel my membership really


Today is my Friday.

There are 8 people in my team and I think one is away?

Gonna try and cancel my Plusnet order cos there’s a waaaaay better BT broadband deal. My service hasn’t been installed yet so I’m hoping they will refund me the installation charge.


I walked past that building the other day and thought “yeah I reckon that’s where Theo works”



A queue that big for Starbucks coffee, world’s gone mad.


I’ll be working alongside 8 other people but I’ll be drowning them out with headphones. Going to get my hair cut tonight, that’s as exciting as it gets.


what you gonna be listening to?


I will work alongside 7 people today. When I say ‘work alongside’ I really mean ‘sit near’ because I cba to do anything.


A lot of Prince now he’s up on Spotify.


Can I just shock you, I think me and Mrs Underscore_Iron are thinking of maybe potentially looking to buy a property in the Forest Hill/Dulwich area. Seeing a mortgage advisor soon.