Wednesday is my Monday

Nearly everyone else in my department is at a training event at another campus.

How many people will you work alongside today? Currently one for me.

WFH so zero.
Finally getting a new washing machine installed after ours died 5 weeks ago.

Machines are people too, so I’m recording one for you.

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I want to go back to sleep, but I have German.

There will be one other person in my office today. I’ll need to remember that and not fart merrily way as if I was on my own.

I bought a new bass last night. It will be arriving on Monday. I am excited.

Nothing else to report.


no job so zero
got a docs appointment in a bit though so i will have some kind of human interaction
amused by the fact that clive sinclair’s nephew has made a new version of the C5

WFH as per every day, so just the remote team via email. Probably going to take the family out for lunch.

4 in this office, with numerous techs coming and going.

Today is my friday as tomorrow i am off to Dublin for a couple of nights! WooHoo.
And tonight i’m off to the film festival opening gala w3hich is always a good wee night out :slight_smile:


When you get in to find a massive building power failure and have to go home again.

Annoying because I WFH last two days & wanted to have some office time.

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None. Got into the habit of going into a co-working space once a week to get some human interaction but I hate my laptop keyboard so I haven’t been in months. Should probably cancel my membership really

Today is my Friday.

There are 8 people in my team and I think one is away?

Gonna try and cancel my Plusnet order cos there’s a waaaaay better BT broadband deal. My service hasn’t been installed yet so I’m hoping they will refund me the installation charge.

I walked past that building the other day and thought “yeah I reckon that’s where Theo works”


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A queue that big for Starbucks coffee, world’s gone mad.


I’ll be working alongside 8 other people but I’ll be drowning them out with headphones. Going to get my hair cut tonight, that’s as exciting as it gets.

what you gonna be listening to?

I will work alongside 7 people today. When I say ‘work alongside’ I really mean ‘sit near’ because I cba to do anything.

A lot of Prince now he’s up on Spotify.

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Can I just shock you, I think me and Mrs Underscore_Iron are thinking of maybe potentially looking to buy a property in the Forest Hill/Dulwich area. Seeing a mortgage advisor soon.


(you must be LOADED)

(I will be sad to be leaving Forest Hill, but we will be one street away from an SE23 postcode and also Catford is great and we can see the greatest pub ever from our back garden)