Wednesday is my Monday



(you must be LOADED)

(I will be sad to be leaving Forest Hill, but we will be one street away from an SE23 postcode and also Catford is great and we can see the greatest pub ever from our back garden)


Heh, we have saved like absolute mofos for what seems like eternity.

We’re looking around the overground line as well so Catford and Penge have been mentioned. Very, very early stages though.


There’s probably about 30 people on my floor at the moment. I haven’t counted but it’s particularly busy this week.

Hip flexor is still giving me major grief so going to hot yoga tonight to stretch it out.


10 years ago today :frowning: :smile:


Ah Catford. They’re not that rich then @plasticniki :wink:


which bass are you selling?


Catford isn’t on the Overground (but a short walk to FH / Honor Oak depending on where you are) but there are TWO train stations next to each other and also a million buses. Penge is, but only the trains going to West Croydon go there, not the ones going to Crystal Palace so it can be a bit of a wait for a train at Canada Water (which is a total nightmare in the mornings).

There are fucking loads of lovely roads around Catford (and pretty much everywhere round there) with massive Victorian conversions if that’s your thing, though you’ll pay for it. Or, you can do what we did and get something more affordable which doesn’t look as nice, but is fine.

Gimme a shout if you need any help or whatnot :slight_smile:


Currently working with 4 people but boss will pop over today so 5

Went to see Woolf Works last night and it’s basically Macgregor’s best I reckon.

Waiting to hear from seller’s solicitors concerning a few bits and bobs but they’ve finally taken the place off the website. Soon hopefully I shall be living in Eltham! Hoorah!


Thanks matey, I’m sure I’ll have a lot of questions down the line. From the sounds of this initially I think we’ll aim more towards Forest Hill/Dulwich if we can find something we like. Still trying to get my head around spending that amount of money on a wee 2 bed flat.

Keep looking at my hometown in Lincolnshire where we can buy a 6 bed mansion for the same price…


I’ve got a tester from one of our customers coming in to test an application I developed. I’m going to be stuck in a room with him all day. I’m very nervous.


Yeah… but I feel weirdly calm about it all now-- like, we have no savings left but we have a flat and it’s ours and we don’t have to worry about where we’re living (not that we did before, really) and how much it’ll cost and stuff and yeah, it feels nice. What doesn’t feel as nice is all the problems we know we need to sort out (lack of central heating / stuff the survey picked up on / the fact everything needs redecorating) but I’m sure it will be okay.

Oh my god if you move south you can come on Penge rides!!!


Are there no more kitchen work update pics?


I think that’s it, keep thinking that it’ll be like having the most ridiiculous ISA imaginable.

That’ll be a very short term thing though chief, imagine what it’ll look like when it’s done.



Secret option C: none yet.

Going to throw some other things away/give them to the chazzer to justify taking up more space. Might still sell one of them once I see how the new one fits in.


Nah, we didn’t go round last night.

Maybe tonight. I have to go round tomorrow to allow the hob to be delivered anyway.

You’re as bad as my mother!!! She keeps asking every day “what’s the latest???”


did your survey have any major ishoos pnik?

In theory ours is fine I just wanna make sure the brickwork’s inevitable maintenance is something shared fairly with lease/freeholders and that the DPC underneath the flooring is sound

I fucking hate waiting on solicitors


But then you’d be in Lincolnshire…


Exactly! And you and I both know how terrible that is! (it’s not that bad, but I don’t particularly fancy moving back to Lincoln).


I gave you guys a photo EVERY DAY.



You’re a five minute cycle from the place.


Just 2 in my immediate team as the rest are all out in half/all day meetings/training/holiday. Getting loads of work cleared at the mo though. Scenes.