Wednesday, isn't it? I think

i’ve let my inbox fill up so now i can’t do anything useful until i clear it out

nice easy task to start the day but god how dull


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Dunno if anyone is interested in a museum of genitals but there are some interesting characters involved in this:

Didn’t realise Neil Morrissey was the curator.

That isn’t the curator but he’s looked familiar every time he appears. He’s actually a professor or Icelandic folk tales.

finished work for the day, made another pot of coffee. time to send some complaint signals.

signals?!?! emails. christ.


could happily fall asleep

trying to buy something off a website where to find out if a product is in stock you have to click ‘add to basket’. if you keep clicking it and nothing happens then it is out of stock.

fairly irritating

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Just woke up from a very solid nap. About to prepare/have some leftover roast dinner, very excited.

Want to book a table at a fav bar for sometime after the 26th, but since you can currently book spaces for tonight I have zero faith that their system works

Why can’t everyone just have functional websites already man

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