Wednesday, Isn't It

Yo! What’s happenin’ dudes?
I’m a guy with a rep for being rude.

Not really, I am usually pretty civil and tolerant.

Wednesday, the midst point of the week.

I have an early finish today, as per, to collect the bairns from school.

Oft delayed meeting at 10, release a report before I leave and possibly watch Spurs v Juve tonight. Hope it’s better than the swindle last night.

What about youse folks?


Gig last night is great but I had a panic attack after and now I’m flying “home” and supposedly going to work on 2 hours sleep. Mm, no.

Morning, got a medical for a job I’m doing in May in a bit then finishing packing and flying to Geneva for a couple of weeks. Never been to this office before and I still haven’t been sent my contract so I’m not exactly sure what I’m meant to be doing and where I’m meant to be going tomorrow morning.

Off to the airport soon, but for a job interview instead of flying anywhere fun.


Pleased the gig was a success - the panic attack less so, clearly. Hope you manage to get some good rest, mate.

Best of luck with it!

Is the job at the airport, or are you flying somewhere just for the interview?

Job at a bar in the airport so I can serve pints at 9am to people who are off for a #cheekyone


Aching from playing football last night, meant I missed watching the game, but doesn’t sound like I missed too much…?

On the train now and earlier than usual. I’ve got meetings pretty much all day and I’m taking my team for lunch for one of their birthdays in between.

Probably also watch the game this evening, as my other plans got cancelled, but we’ll see.


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Someone is eating an orange and reading the sun on this train. Worst human.

No, neither game was much cop.

PSG were pedestrian and Real had far too much quality for them. Liverpool v Porto was already over before the 2nd leg kicked off.

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Reckon this would be quite fun.

They’re now your goods imo


Morning. Quite tired, could use an EmO special. Hoping work is gonna be nice and easy today. Might need second breakfast tbh.

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I ordered wine once that never arrived, they sent a replacement box, then close to a month later the box turned up. I called up and the customer service agent just told me not to worry and keep it for the inconvenience. (More hassle for them than it’s worth, I guess, plus had been already processed)

On my way to grab my EmO special. Much needed.

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Quite concerned by that level of cba that you c ba to include the latter part, can we help you in any way Epimer?

I have to do some plumbing later. That can only go well :grimacing: