Wednesday isn't it


Am I being blind to a daily thread?

Anyway, my band’s CD went to production yesterday, so I’m relieved and proud. I drummer on it, and designed the artwork. Hopefully it won’t look like shit when it comes back. Exciting.

How are we all?




Ergh why is this week going so slowly

Still annoyed that my boss blocked my holiday next week. Gonna try to negotiate that I just take Friday off. But two days in Romania hardly seems worth it.

Pretty bored at work already and cba.


Morning - I got a right stinky sweat on last night. Need to have a shower.



feeling really bleak today.

Gonna be a tough one


I realised I put ‘drummer’ instead of ‘drummed’ and now I’ll hate this thread forever.


:heart:️ to you Bammers X

Taking kids for walk around Avebury. That’s it for today, got some greengages so gonna make a crumble too.


I thought that was intentional. I like it.

Not much going on today - big walk in the woods with the dog and kids this morning. Child free this afternoon, so catching up on work stuff.

I have leftover kedgeree set aside for lunch, which I am already looking forward to.


Last day in the office for 2 weeks. Woo.

Plus going to see Mogwai tonight Woo.


Made it into the shared office for the first time in ages. Nice leaving the house tbh.


once i drummer a cd, seriously


Hi. Going to reserve a rental home today. It’ll be the last quiet day until we’ve moved. Ugh.


Phone job interview this arvo. Egh.

Also my baby bro’s 21st birthday. A big boy now.


Whereabouts you gonna ‘stay’?


Tired, cba. Day ‘off’ though hopefully, which of these tasks I cba with should I try to ba with today?

  • Sorting out R’s old/unused toys to take to the charity shop or chuck if not in good enough condition.
  • Give the bath toys and mat, and possibly the bath itself, a good clean.

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Obvs doing other stuff too, but I should probably try get at least one of those done.


ay up

nothing to report.

bike ride with all my lovely cycing buds tonight, pints after.

loads of shit to be getting done at work but uuurgh, motivation is LOW


Morning all!

Decent night’s sleep last night for the first time in ages, and some good tinkering in Ableton last night too (even if listening back I want to change everything I did, but in a good way - I did some OK things but I know how I can easily change them to be really good things)

Nothing exciting going on today AFAIK, but that’s OK.


just ordered that sexy looking new autechre boxset. that’s probably the best thing i’ll accomplish all week tbh.




thanks :slight_smile: