Wednesday, isnt't it?

Good morning.

Having coffee and a bagel. Cba levels are through the roof. How’s your day looking?

Heading in for another day of shared office space. Managed to talk to pretends to count on fingers no one there yesterday. Gonna strive to change that today!


Last ever uni exam and a job interview today. I am a big bundle of nerves.

Good luck !!!



I had a coffee and a bagel as well, imagine that. Woke up early so watched the penultimate episode of S@ of Master of None (an hour long!) and drew a bit. Got to go into work for one meeting 10-12 but otherwise DAY OFF, BRO. Going to watch the last episode of MoN, do some charity shopping, generally futz around. Might meet an old friend (as in, he’s an old man) for coffee.

Hope your days are good, DiSsers.


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What’s the job? What’s the exam? It’d be weird to not be nervous but channel it as positive energy :pray:

Morning guys,

After our holiday in Argyll, all I want to do is buy a wee cottage and move away to the countryside, I miss the sound of just birds singing :confused: The problem with this idea is having friends nearby, sooooo how would everyone feel about starting a DiS village somewhere? We can create the ultimate hipster village. Someone can start their own brewery, another can be the local baker, there can be an artisan coffee shop etc etc Plan Stan. Sigh.


I believe @saps is working on buying us a mansion we can all live in


Of fucking course it’s raining

Been enjoying the rain. Put me waterproof jacket on and walk to work listening to dank black metal \m/


I :heart: @saps


Yeah ok, that’s fair enough.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Morning e4 + all

Got one last bit of work to do then off to a conference in Cardiff tomorrow.

Got physio this evening, really hoping she’ll tell me I can start running again but it’s unlikely.

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Horrible weather outside. Just really damp and humid. Rank.

Best of luck to @sarahispi :four_leaf_clover:

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Best of luck pal!

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I have cba levels of extraordinary magnitude.

Back to work after 9 off and a week in the sun.
Day 1 of 7 in a row.
Had a fucking abysmal night’s sleep.
Everything was done remotely last week and my colleague warned me yesterday that they’ve made an absolute mess of everything. So I’ll have to pick up the pieces from that and deal with 120 manbaby lorry drivers crying about having to start at 0215 instead of 0200, or having been sent to Leeds instead of Milton Keynes.

Big sigh.

Really disturbed sleep combined with feeling a sore throat coming on = today truly is ‘hump day’