Wednesday Its Now Friday night

Playing a show in Cardiff tomorrow and That Cheltenham on Fri night so taking it easy with some (4) bank holiday beers.

Get the paddling pool out go on


Pressed send on this thread way before it was ready but you all get the gist.

still got an hour or so’s work to do tonight but then i’m off for SIX DAYS!!! and i have all manner of lovely plans… uh… planned. :blush: gonna go out for a run, make some salmon for tea and might even allow my self one (1) tin of a continental lager.



Was genuinely confused when there wasn’t a selfie thread today

Pretty drunk. Solo pinting. Feeling relaxed

Genuinely never felt more ill in my life. Mainlining painkillers and hooky antibiotics in an attempt to survive a visit to hampden to watch us unpopularly (apparently) cuff the ukraine.

This evening I’m mainly staying in and watching football I think.

Need to remember to put the bins out later.

Just found some of these in a shop. Incredible. Didn’t even know they were still available. The amount you get in the packet for a quid is insane compared to other brands.

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Sunday will be good and fun and no wigs will be lost.


Working the next two days so this is very insensitive actually.


My head keeps telling me it’s Friday.

Really annoying.

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Late home cause of a tour. Shit day. Picky tea though and I think we might start rewatching Stranger Than The Other Things.

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guess which comedian’s doppleganger i saw in home bargans car park

Solidarity man, you’ll get through it.
Surprised they keep finding things stranger than things but fair play.

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Today has been jam-packed: cinema, saw a cat in a cafe, shopped for nice stones, teddy bear waffles full of ice cream, noodle pilgrimage, post office run, and cleaning.

Got a work call at 8 because i’ve been off today, not sure this is how days off work :thinking:

Going to eat Mister Choc soon.


Just boarded a flight to Barcelona so I have


I have spent most of today either asleep, sat on the loo or being ill into the loo. Wife got angry at me because I couldn’t leave the house. Lol. What a great time away from work I’m having. Couldn’t even keep breakfast down, so haven’t eaten in 2 days now. and I’ve put my back out. Perfect :ok_hand:

Yeah it’ll be fine. Short days but also covering about 3 people’s jobs cause no office people are in.

Just ordered salt and pepper chicken, fried rice and ok sauce


Alan Carr