Wednesday late banal/early evening thread



t minus 2 hours til pizza yeeeeeee. feel a bit sick though.

what’s happening?


Pub lunch meant ive not done much this afternoon. Won’t do much this evening. Kinda want a pizza now. Like right now. (I have no pizza).


Feel a bit sick too, my cats are due at the vets to get their balls off this month, they keep mounting each other and one of them doesn’t mind it at all


think i might play n64 while i eat my pizza because i’m a teenager


Not sick because of the cats just sick probably from reading that whole sitcom poll thread on the bus


Speaking to a recruiter about a TOP SECRET job (that I have no interest in applying for) in a bit. I will actually piss myself laughing if it’s for my old boss’s biggest client, briefly think about going for it for the sheer lols, then quietly carry on with my life.

Then I might get started on one of the new books that got delivered yesterday.


i know, can’t believe ruffers doesn’t like seinfeld

  • yes to Pizza
  • Pizza, yes!

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Got bored of ‘working from home’ so went to brewdog. Everyone’s playing board games.


Got a ramekin full of peanuts.


Gonna help a pal put a tarp up over where his ceiling had been cut out


Going to a spin class -

then I’m going to eat burgers. There should really be a class where you can combine the two.


What kind of peanuts?


This reminds me of when I was younger and some weeks I’d work Saturdays and get a day off in the week, I always did my best to avoid letting my Dad know when it was because he would always have an odd job for me, usually involving helping him take something to the tip.


Well if you’re good at this sort of thing feel free to swing by and give us a hand :+1:


Still at work


Dry roasted! Champion.


Don’t let them out of your sight otherwise I’ll snatch them up! I’m a savoury snack fiend!


Too busy being a beer wanker sorry


Fucking beer wanker :wink: