Wednesday late banal/early evening thread



feeling sexy!


Right said Fred for tonight’s cover then?


and I am wearing a shirt!


This is shaping up nicely



would be nice to meet a girl y’know?


Huh. It wasn’t who I thought it was, but it was also more intriguing than I thought.

Going to speak to see how much $$$ they’re offering and think about speaking to their head of department.


Best nuts.


Better than pistachios?


I’m too sexy for Milan
New York
And @Lo-Pan


Better than pistachios. Less hard work.


Best song.


What do people do with pistachios that aren’t quite open properly?

  • Prise them open with a knife
  • Crack them open with a nutcracker
  • Bite them open like a crazy mofo
  • Toss them into the bin with louche abandon

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Haha :grinning:


pizza arrived and had anchovies on it sigh gonna play zelda for a bit til i have to do some more work sigh


AND brexit happened again. what a night!


but on the other hand


Off to the pub with the lads :beers:


great news


Evening everyone! Went to gym but forgot my headphones which is doubly crap because of missing out on valuable podcast time but also all gym music is excruciating. Eating a bolognese, probably just gonna read comics and go to bed.