Wednesday Lunch Thread (22nd August edition)

Only creating this to let you all know I’ve added crisps to my sandwich today.

(Cheese and Marmite with Ready Salted squares since you ask)

What’s yours?

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big salad
vanilla loacker

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crisps in a sandwich, while good, creates the problem of no crisps for after your sandwich.


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A__ is eating a hot lunch at her desk. Grinding my teeth because of the plate scraping. Can’t take it.

what this

it’s where she keeps her vanilla


you don’t need to put all the crisps in the sandwich just a few like



This is true and I’m just experiencing this problem now.

I have carrot sticks instead. They’re good, but not as good as Ready Salted Squares.

reckon you’d need to be dunking that

what’s she having?

Pork and apple sauce baguette. Forgot there’s currently a pork shoulder in my slow cooker at home, didn’t I.

Should have gone with the Baked Potato.

@plasticniki your work salads always look incredible. Tell me the best things you’ve had in them, I’m trying to make my salads more exciting.

Today I’m going to have what I always have because I have no imagination.

Yeah but then I’d have to eat with colleagues instead of in my Office Fortress of Solitude.

Tuna sandwich?

Add some crisps for additional flavour & crunch!

Hmmmm… I’m not sure doritos would work so well with it? (they’re all I have) Also, I’m going to toast the bread so that’ll be crunch enough.

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today there was curried cauliflower with pickled red onion, very nice

always a fan of when they have kale / blue cheese / walnuts

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Oooooo. Nice. Love me some nuts and seeds in a salad (and cheese, obvs).

I used to always have my misery salad dry until recently when I started making dressings. Who even was I back then? I don’t know that person anymore.

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I really feel like there should be an appropriate Netrunner card to post in reply here, but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to spend more than 20 seconds searching for it.