Wednesday lunch thread

What’s for lunch?

I had a beef and prune Moroccan tagine with cous cous, yoghurt, pita and beetroot in pomegranate. Canteen is on :fire: right now.

Inspired by Rick Stein himself, I won’t show you it but rather a picture of an empty plate and fork strewn across it.

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I did that red leicester and branston on toast thing again. Y’know, the one that had you all up in arms a couple of weeks ago?

I’m a monster.

Yours looks good, but not as good as your hoops on toast from yesterday.

Help me decide

  • Pizza Pilgrims
  • Chilango

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eaten way too much and feel a bit sick as a result

half a kalamata olive bloomer (only small, but come on)
cheese n onion pasty
pack of salted caramel flapjacks

What was wrong with your toast n cheese again? Was it that you didn’t toast your toast?

I don’t grill the cheese.

Beer battered black pudding, a bowl of chips and a couple of pints. Cheers!

I love working 4 on/4 off




Quick - close it before profk sees!

Look inside your heart ezzer, you know what’s true.

Are those pigs in blankets in the background?

A day off burritos wont kill me… i presume…



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Chips and curry sauce for me. Though they were more like fries.

trash boi.

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Just a salad from Vital.

Spinach Base
Roquito Peppers
Mashed spicy avocado
Green beans

Ate too many crisps in a workshop this morning cause it was the only vegan thing on offer.


Sup Lobak (Carrot, Onions, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon Grass, Galangal, Crushed Chillies, Coconut Milk, Tamarind) with a coriander topping.

And a piece of flatbread on the side, obviously.


They were. My old man had those, similarly with chips and a couple of beers. Could quite happily make a habit of doing this every week.

Your old man has impeccable taste.

Pint number 3 now. Could quite easily still be here at 7pm.

You can see how the old boys who are in Spoons at 8am do it…