Wednesday Lunch Thread

I’ve basically stopped cooking at home. What about you?


Bit overdone that beef laefs :wink:

ooh that looks good, man!

had a wasabi noodle thing. too much of that miso sauce they put in everything tbh.

had jerk chicken didn’t i

last time they did it here they has proper amazing hot sauce. this time they just pointed to a bottle of econa on the side smdh

Can’t expect rare beef in a hospital canteen, jez.

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1 x cheese and coleslaw sandwich
1 x chili heatwave doritos
1 x reese’s peanut butter cups
1 x chocolate christmas muffin
1 x banana

very very strong lunch here

It was pretty tasty ngl. Could’ve prolly done without the muffin tbh.

  • ham and cucumber sandwiches
  • chilli sunbites
  • banana
  • satsuma

Might pop to the shop as I’m still peckish

that looks pretty decent for a canteen roast. Price?

scrambled egg, 2 toast
mint tea

I had a Tesco xmas sandwhich (see xmas sandwhich thread for my hot take)

plus a chocolate milk and a big twix - pretty much what a 5 year old might have picked

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I do not get this joke and/or reference.

Nice one, friend. I’ma have a tin of them on some toast for lunch I think. You’ve inspired me!

Couldn’t be arsed walking to the shops, it’s minging out there. Had these in the cupboard.

An inspirational tale for the ages, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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Ugh, jealous of your lunch.

Cheese and beetroot sandwich. It’s pretty delicious but i’m deliberately not bringing anything else or any money to stop me eating shite and now all i want is a chocolate bar.

Sorry, don’t know who he is, pal.

Cheese and coleslaw is a pretty winning combo innit.