Wednesday lunch thread

Had an M&S no-turkey feast sandwich :yum:

Forgot to get a salted caramel hazelnut millionaire bar though, glum :-1:

just went back for round 1.5

Mozza n avo sarno
Butternut n chil’ soup

Had a bacon sandwich and a black coffee. Bought a coffee grinder the other day, well good grinding your own beans isn’t it. Smug af.

make sure you keep us all updated with your grinding progress into the new year (mr bean.jpg) and then a last photo of the device before you either flog it on ebay in April or throw it into the canal

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what did u get

blade or burr
this is v important

Sure! So far - 1 grind.

Might make a separate thread.

Ron Howard: It wasn´t

Oh dear, I’m being wankered already. Blade chief. Is that bad or something?

very very bad

it’s okay but burr is better

Well there goes my smug, it was a good 4 minutes while it lasted.