Wednesday lunch thread


what ya be havin’, mates?

i got a lush halloumi salad from this stand near old st. £5 and enough for two people. delish.


I’m having left over risotto with some (raw) halloumi on it


Grilled courgette, goat cheese, basil pesto, baby spinach, mint
in a rustic baguette.

And a bag of cheese and onion crisps, obviously.


mmmm, thirst quenching crisps


JBHR (just braise raw halloumi)


Scotch egg and some cauliflower. Not the greatest range of definitely lactose-free options in the canteen today.


My lunch was marred by a very disappointing satsuma.


the remains of last night’s stir fry, with some vegetable dumplings




afraid not!


salad from the cafe at work


i bet you think it’s so much better than my salad
you sicken me


pasta from carluccio again cause im going gym and it gives me mega energy


nah, halloumi is great!

the salads at work here are 10/10 though


Bag of S+V Kettle Chips

Saltfish patty

Bag of mini fingers with a cup of tea


only just starting working. Made a pizza for lunch but didn’t have time to eat it so brought it to work and just ate it and everyone was jealous.


mah gawd i’ve eaten so much stuff today



*first of the new boards?