Wednesday Lunch

What are you eating today folks?

I’ve got homemade nasi goreng which is hidden under the eggs here. Never had the real thing so can’t compare but it’s tasty.


chicken enchiladas

pretty good

got a loacker too

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oh fuq that looks good

3x scrambled eggs
2x bacon
2x seeded toasts

Had it about an hour ago, so brunch rather than lunch I suppose.


Put maybe too much chilli in it and added more sriracha so now my nose is running

  • Sausage Sandwich (with ketchup)
  • Cheese & Marmite on toast (without ketchup)

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Waiting in for the postie, so unless I can magic something up from the Brexit cupboard, it looks like it’s going to be a tin of beans.

Gonna pop out in a minute

  • Subway - healthy option
  • Pierre’s Baguettes - support your local business option (by getting a baguette stuffed with cheese and coleslaw)

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What’s the Brexit cupboard

Vegan sausage n mushroom salad

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Ah look m4, I’d properly destroy a Pierre’s Baguette

poor Pierre :frowning:

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Fake philly and quorn ham sangers :grimacing:
King prawn McCoys

It’s got all the tinned goods that my darling partner has been stockpiling. It’s actually two cupboards now.

Anyone used MealPal for lunch? Probably London-only but basically you buy 12 or 20 lunches to use within 30 days. You then pre-book your lunch from the list of places signed up - each place offers a couple of different things and changes each day.

I think it works out at about £4.89 per lunch which tbh is too much to be spending everyday BUT pro-tip… sign up and don’t buy on their website and they’ll eventually get so desperate they’ll email you a 50% off code for the first month (but don’t forget to cancel the recurring subscription obv). Been having pretty good lunches for about £2.30 this month.

They’ll be out of date by the time Brexit actually happens

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What kind of places?

He’d be delighted.

Just had two slices of seeded batch toast with peanut butter and now I’m having some salted caramel protein mousse. Wooo. Trying to finish off some busy bits of work so that I can get outside for a bit and enjoy the glorious :sunny:

Where did you get this?