Wednesday Lunch

Got pies from Sunday’s vegan market complete with peas, sweetcorn, green beans and a little pot of gravy. Absolutely can’t wait to eat it.

Made it up from protein powder- it’s pretty good!!


I can live with the loss of the tinned sliced mushrooms.

what I’ve done is I’ve taken some ground ancho and chipotle chillies, Cumin and pepper, then topped those with half a can of beans, given them a wee mix and added some oregano. they’re currently heating in a saute pan as I’m too ill to wash up the rice pan from last night. coughs and splutters to make point before coughing again involuntarily going to leave those heating until they’re good and gloopy, then OH FUCK! there’s no butter NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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Loads! Not too many near me so mainly been going to Tossed (vaguely healthy salads etc) or Coco Di Mama (pasta). Some Mexican place. But there’s loads of cafes and restaurants signed up in central London. I think one branch of Patty&Bun do it but thank god it’s nowhere near me (because I love it so so much).

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i’d eat that.

would really like some peanut butter on toast. probably not going to have that. probably going to have something shit.

the local health kitchen place did me the ‘coogee’ which was:

  • slice of toast
  • avocado
  • beetroot
  • bacon
  • scrambled egg
  • cajun chicken breast

probably a bit too much for lunch but really tasty


gonna have to do baked beans on cheese on toast, it seems.

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could have got the special, two of those plus a glass of milk: the coogee coogee coo

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Right, I think that’s me for the day, see you all tomorrow.



Upgrading my lunch from tasty to banging. Can’t wait for part two.

Postie showed up just as I put the beans on, obviously.

beans on, postie

please help me

  • make cheese on toast then put beans on top
  • toast one side of the bread, put the beans on the other, top with cheese and put back under the toaster
  • toast both sides of the bread add the beans and the cheese and put back under the toaster
  • add jalapenos
  • make the cheese on toast top with beans top with more cheese and toast again
  • make the cheese toast, to with some of the beans add more cheese toast again add the rest of the beans add more cheese, toast again
  • mackerel frittata oooh and add peas

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Too much coffee today?

‘put back under the toaster?’

Won’t that just flatten it?

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not enough maybe?

I’d just make a cheese and bean toastie tbh

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