Wednesday Lunch

What you having?

Me: Pret chicken salad, Diet Coke and a coconut bite

Bag of salt and vinegar fish n chips
Chicken, bacon and sweetcorn roll
Chilli and lime salmon fillet

Had a chicken and chorizo pannini from downstairs. went meal deal on it and got a coke zero which I’ll save for use as a mixer at a later date and some bacon Walkers (they only do Walkers)

stilton, quorn ham, spinach and branston roll.

Shouldn’t work… but kind of does

Is this your own concoction?


5/10 :man_shrugging: Also had an orange and loads of choc M&S treats at a team building thing earlier

Veggie haggis bagel
Coke zero
Peppermint slice

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I just ate an orange. It was juicy and delicious.

Just had a veggie curry cooked up by our Facilities Manager for a shared work lunch. It was all right but the naans were too small.

They are one of the best fruits and regularly underrated

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100% agree.
Apparently the white stuff is good for you, too.

Oranges are a solid 6/10 fruit

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Realised I had nothing sorted for lunch this morning so nipped into lil Tekkers and bought an egg and cress sandwich £1.10 which was pretty boring, I am sure they used to be tasty!

Have also had
an apple
an orange
will have
Oyko raspberry yoghurt - best yoghurts :heart:
Colleague brought in some Scottish shortbread so soon I will have a cup of coffee and a shortbread…or two.

Not sure it’s physically possible to eat just one biscuit.

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made a nice beef stir fried rice thing. but left it at home so who knows.

misery meal deal probs.

Bacon in a bagel. Works better than a roll or a sandwich I reckon.

Oyko are the best yoghurts

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That looks banging


Halloumi wrap with fries. Not pictured: ketchup