Wednesday lunchtime soundtrack



Hey you lot,

So I’m piloting a new DiS Radio show this Weds from 12-2 on

I’m going to play some song requests (see here: Best of Q3 2016 (July, August, September) ) but am also going to try to have a couple of segments based on the forums.

The most obvious one, given the time of day, is a lunch thread. So be sure to prepare some ridiculous feast and we can give it a shout out on Weds.

I can’t have a fish puns segment, can I?

I’m handing this over to you lot for one segment idea. The winner gets either a pint the next time you see me or our user account upgraded with the name of your choice (i.e. where I have Evil Overlord I can edit accounts!)



I think you should do a ‘photoshop a lightsaber’ thread and just read out what people have done


This is happening in a few mins.


i’m going to listen to you sean


is there a listening badge?


Can you play the new @myvitriol record?


Or alternatively, this


put that badge idea on hold, the listen live thing doesn’t work for me (probably because I’m in work)




I can’t get it to work on my phone either



Some band with guitars. IDK maccabees or someone


it’s about a 20 minute walk from where I work so i could maybe just go down there and listen in


Marina / Depeche Mode (w/ Goldfrapp)



Kiss me Sean :heart_eyes:


play this please


Feel bad cos I’ve stopped listening to watch #cycling. Sorry Sean (and the kills) xxx


I’m listening. Is this M83?


G’wan @sean!


Yeah it was


Surprised you haven’t just boshed Paramore on repeat.


This Jaar record is pure AOTY material.