Wednesday moleman thread

Didn’t see one, and I wanted to post about my chronic (?) stomach ailment. Anyway, my chronic (?) stomach ailment is playing up again. Fun! Tablets seem to be doing their bit to reduce the discomfort though.

Wednesday moleman to you all


The guy next to me at the school run was getting his 4 year old to list his favourite radiohead songs. He is ex-diser royter’s brother in law so checks out.

Meanwhile I was having a lovely chat about foxes and hawkmoths with the real cool people :yum:

Got a tour and uni, only there’s a train strike so I’ll miss uni, unless they awkwardly put me on zoom.

Want a cardamom bun like you wouldnt believe



The lurgy that seems to have been on the edges of my being has finally fully revealed myself. I have a cold, I am poorly, I wish I could take a sick day but it’s too much hassle today and I was off sick on Monday last week. Bah

Slept ok last night at least. Just going to be fed up and deeply resentful of work all day

I did watch A Few Good Men with someone who’s never seen it before last night which was very enjoyable- must get the Blu Ray though as the colour grading on my DVD is ridiculously orange

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Random coworker today.


Morning all!

School run (conversation topic: Daddy has put me in the wrong coat and forgot the hat he said I could wear; I am sad and then picket line in the rain for me.

I’m back home now. I need to wash the dishes and drink some coffee but after that I’m playing computer games until 5.00.

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also cold over here

work, tidy, buy birthday presents. Nothing else and that’s grand with me today - plenty on the rest of the week

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Wfparents with 1 screen which means cbas are high.

Going to eat some fake pombears

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On the picket line and it’s very windy.

Excellent shout, I might have some myself.

This post paid for by PROF$.


Hello yes morning hello

Did that annoying thing I sometimes do by sleeping with one eye open. It’s really sore and I keep crying.

Day of hard chilling for me I think. Got lots of stuff to watch and tea to drink. Oh and cake to eat.

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Kiddo has a nasty cough so I’ve been awake since 4am listening to that, and combined with a shitty work week am fully cba today. Had a bacon sandwich on the way in to cheer myself up and hoping for some one of a few potential pieces of good news at which point I’ll stop moaning.

Might have a bath. Deffo need brekko and coffee.


Spent most of last night binge watching Mr Mercedes and now I can’t function. Winner.

a bit poorly, just trying to bumble my way through work for some reason

might go and make a smoothie

also i have new socks on, they’re very good, tempted to go and get some more

Douglas Dog?

Dexter I think

Second time in two days you’ve corrected me on names.

I need to pay better attention.

Not worth it, is it. Logged off