Wednesday Moral Quandry Thread - Elon Musk and Space X versus Charity on Earth

Space X - Billions wasted or spent well?

Discussion amongst my mates about whether it’s morally right for Musk to spend billions on going to space when he could help those here, on Earth.

Reductive, yes, but let’s see if this goes anywhere.

  • Waste of Money
  • He can use it anyway he wants
  • He’s got folk on board, more fool them
  • He should maybe consider helping folk at home first, then Space
  • Nah, fuck it, it’s his cash, he can do with what he pleases
  • Nationalise Elon Musk

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Think my views on space exploration are well known.


Don’t sit on the fence pal, just come out and say you love it and can’t wait to get onto the Space Station and kick some Klingon arse.

Hmmm, I think generally space exploration is a good thing.
And you could say that it’s better private companies foot the bill as opposed to public money (which I assume NASA is) when there’s problems on Earth that need solving.
But that also depends on what the private companies plan to do with any finds they make and if it’s to help people or to make a big profit.

tl,dr - dunno

I liked it when he tied a car to the front of his spaceship

I don’t think it’s morally indefensible as such, because in theory the money spent on space exploration should be benefiting economies (reminder that they’re not sending billions of dollars in single dollar bills and jettisoning it into the void of space) and the technological benefits that result should proliferate into increasing the quality of life of humanity as a whole. But the world’s full of Tories, so


I heard that the reason he tested such a massive rocket was so in future he could send up shit loads of satellites and blanket the entire earth with high-speed internet. It’s hard to argue that this would be a bad thing.

Obviously he’s an absolute stomach of a person but I’m not against all of his endeavours.



stomachs are good though. I’d die without one.


I think space exploration and earth charities are both good ways to spend money

It’s not a binary choice but either way we should probably just seize all his assets

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Is anything that teaches us about anything pointless? No.

Is everything futile when people all over the world are living in poverty while others jizz millions of pounds on shit? Absolutely.


We could stop talking about Elon Musk and talk about other people. Like this guy

what’s happened to flat earth bloke and his satellite

In this case the two things aren’t always mutually exclusive. For example use of satellite technology in international development/poverty alleviation:

Take it to the Boy Anslat thread m6.

Is there one?

Anyone else here read Sirens of Titan?

Can’t help thinking about the chrono-synclastic infundibulum on a day like today

Also, end income tax, shift the entire tax burden to wealth/capital


Did anyone see the way the rockets landed?

Pretty impressive (although one of them went awol I think).

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