Wednesday Morn 26/02

Good morning. I even did the date the opposite way because I love you all so much.

I made myself a chickpea curry (my first curry guys!) for dinner and it was delicious. Might make beans on toast for breakfast at this rate.

Hope everyone came down from their banana pancake hangovers.

Oh I forgot to mention I’m off work until Monday next week. But more importantly what do ya’ll have in store for your Wednesdays?



Beans on toast for breakfast? You’ll be missing several components of the full English if you do!

Give me the full English run down.

American version for what he thinks a full english breakfast is:

Eggs, Sausage, Ham, Toast, Beans, Home Fries, Crumpets.

I mean there are a lot of options. Probably at least four of

Baked beans
Toast (definitely shouldn’t be fancy sourdough, standard white or brown)
Hash browns
Bubble and squeak
Tomatoes (sliced in half, cut side in frying pan)
Eggs (I think fried or scrambled tend to be more trad than other types)
Black pudding

For veggies you get the veggie sausage and/or halloumi

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what is this?

Erm, leftovers from the previous day’s meal fried up so basically hash browns

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Can’t wait to see how ‘angry’ @anon19035908 gets over this list TBH.

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I’m supposed to be going out for a curry tonight but I’m already thinking of excuses to get out of it.

  1. Not really in the mood for group socialising
  2. I’d need to drive home from work then get a train into town and then walk for a bit, and I can’t leave work early today to make this less of a pain in the arse
  3. Don’t trust any of the curry places here with dietary requirements
  4. Got a plumber coming at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning and don’t want to have curry guts when they shut the water off
  5. Really enjoying my JRPGs at the moment and would like to play those instead of going out

Hang on, those are all really good reasons, not excuses.


Nah that just about covers it. Fried bread and hogs pudding as well though.

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Objection. There is never a good excuse for missing curry


I’d argue the first two overrule any other objections.

Order a curry in, interact minimally with the deliverer and play computer games.

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Back at work :sob:

And I caught my hand on the iron and it’s gone all burny

Absolutely full of cold :face_with_thermometer: Good job I’m meant to be off anyway today cause I can’t afford sick days.

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Don’t want to brag but I slept unbelievably well and actually feel rested and refreshed this morning. It’s like another world.


Did you miss the bit about not having running water tomorrow morning

Reckon I got about 3.5 to 4 hours max

Genuinely want this bus to career off the road and crash

get a bucket

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ur a bucket