Wednesday morn

Morning DiS, it’s really sunny here so I woke up at 5.50 and made smoked salmon and poached egg muffin sarnies for breakfast.

Feeling a bit ill seeing the news about the fire in London, hope you and yours are all OK.


Just seen the Grenfell Tower news


gonna make another thread about it just so the daily thread doesn’t become the Grenfell Tower thread

This fire news is absolutely horrendous.
Otherwise…It’s really sunny today which is nice. I need to sort a few things out for some ATDs arriving at the weekend which I can’t wait for.

Morning carmen etc.

Gorgeous mornings, dampened somewhat by the news of the fire.

Back to usual duties today, can’t really be fucked with it, to do list for Friday is going to be a mile long. Must get to the Post Office at some stage today.

The news is just terrible. So horrifying.

I got woken up at 4am by the cats bringing in a live bird. I think it may have been a blackbird. It was screeching and it was such a horrible noise. I kicked the cats out they killed the bird :cry:

Don’t think anyone will manage a better morning than that.

My parents are visiting later to see the child. I’ve only got student stragglers coming in until 11.30.

I long for the days when a nice sunny morning is just that, not an actual hayfever nightmare. Just sneezed my way to work.

Last day of my massive two day working week today before another four day weekend, which was initially meant to be a decent rest but I now seem to have filled with concerts and rehearsals for said concerts. Bugger. Still - drumming instead of work.

Last day in the office before pissing off for a week and a half.

I had good intentions of tearing through a bunch of work today, but fuck it - bare minimum and kick everything else into the long grass. That’s future Epimer’s problem.


Shorts in the office :sunglasses:

Going to distract myself with the ICC Champos Trophy semi-final today.

Not a fan of this weather in the slightest, walked out the house wearing jeans and a hoody ffs. My room is gonna be unbearable today.

I suggest looking out of the window before you leave the house next time m9.


If it was a cave it’d probably be a lot less warm

Have you announced this yet? I’m so sorry that I missed it if you did!! I know it was mentioned in the Glasgow thread but I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. Anyway… massive congratulations :slight_smile: xxx

You’re the expert.

having to hand back my fancy car today and my “normal” one has a flat tyre. brilliant.

next week in london is almost entirely booked out - turns out i’m supposed to be “networking” in the evening, so the only night i’m free for meat @plasticniki @xylo is the thursday night. i think.


Edit: shall I make a thread?

Morning all

TV is finishing work early and taking me somewhere for some sort of birthday activity. Exciting.

Gonna treat myself to a birthday bath with a cup of tea and biscuits first.


Fingers crossed she’s taking you up the OXO Tower.