Wednesday morn

Hi all. Saw there wasn’t a thread and I wanted to share one of the most relatable memes I’ve ever seen

As you were



My boiler is broken, and I have no hot water.

However, I’m going to see Yo La Tengo in Canterbury tonight - so all is well.

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“I feel seen” and all that stuff.

Seriously though… it me.

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Morning all!

I’m doing little apart from marking today. I’ll be eating leftovers for lunch so don’t even really have a reason to walk to the shops at lunchtime.

I will probably spend the afternoon hitting a computerised dragon with a sword. It’s not Thursday and this isn’t a euphemism.



Choir and then sandwiches made out of waffles. Very good.



Sky looked quite cool this morning

About to take the small, furry animal for a little walk.

Off to Hereford later for a bit of food and a few beers. Or maybe that should be ciders.


First day into the office since mid-March 2020.

I’m not looking forward to it. Rather the opposite in fact.

Boilers always know when it’s winter don’t they.


In preparation for this exact phenomenon, we had it serviced just four weeks ago. FFS.


I’m en route to the office! Our office day hours are 10-4 in order to hopefully avoid the crush of rush hour so I’m hoping for an early home time. The children-having managers are often gagging for a night out after we’ve been in office though.

Working from home when I shouldn’t be but yesterday it was so loud in the office that I felt stressed for ages afterwards and not doing it today. I’m very tired and a bit grumpy so tomorrow, my day off, I’m going to schedule a Big Nap and commit to it.

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do go on…?

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Looks terrible but it’s really really good


fucking hell, absolutely wiped out.

partner has started showing symptoms too :frowning:

Work boooooo

Morning. My boiler was also broken but we got it fixed yesterday. I was afraid we would need a new one (which I cannot afford), but fortunately it only cost £70 to fix.

This gloom is a bit shit innit?

If you want owt grabbing from the shop or owt let me know.

GWS buddy

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Quite a nice sunny day here in b-town

Just observing people at work being slightly passive aggressive with each other over e-mail

Hoping to get out for a lunch bike - been very slack recently

Still feel ill. Gonna do another LFT. Pretty sure I’ve just forgotten what a cold is like though.

Had the holy triumvirate of bagel, coffee and seinfeld for breakfast so today was off to a flying start. Then the person at work called me David again even after I made an awkward scene about how it wasn’t my name a week ago so fuck it, I give up. I’m David now. Hi everyone.

Need coffee in: