Wednesday morn

Is the pie one with a crust or is it like a shepherd’s pie?

Right, need to drink loads of water then some coffee then complete that bit of work that I didn’t finish Friday or Monday.

Do the old witch test! If they float they’re a witch! BURN THEM. If they sink then they’re fine, EAT THEM.


i’m just about to use some eggs with a best before of 15 oct :smiley:

good morning all. i’ve just had two cheesy pikelets with oodles of butter. now i’m about to make a hellofresh number - goats cheese and courgettes and stuff. lovely.

it’s a really nice day - i sacked off going into the office and am actually really glad - i feel like i realign my brain when i wfh, as i’m able to get all those little nuisance tasks done. then i’m going to a gong bath later.

oh and there will be bike. a two hour afternoon meeting has just got canx so obv.

coffee today. Hope we get to go to mcdonalds!

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big mac please extra pickles extra big mac sauce

large fries

nana milko

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Absolutely not having this


Pretty colours in my back garden today


This is that one good Autumn day that Autumn-lovers bang on about, isn’t it?

Ooh, it’s so crisp, but look at the colours on the trees!

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Been like this for the last 3wks tbh man

what’s a nana milko?

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oh! banana milkshake!

  • I definitely read the thread title as «Wednesday mom» at first
  • I did not

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Please don’t do this

as aforementioned - the egg test is almost infallible, drop em in water - if they sink they’re fine, if they float get rid.

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Since it’s Egg Day on DiS, here’s the French toast I had for lunch


Should’ve had some ketchup but it was quite nice on its own with a bit of butter and seasoning in the sauce :slight_smile:

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Thirstee? :grimacing:



think i bought their r’n’b album in the 90s