Wednesday Mornibg

Anglos all,

What’s going on?

On a 5:19 train to London - my bike lights had fallen off and I couldn’t find the screw in the dark so had to jog to the train station :cry:

Wuup2 2day m5s

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Gotta DM on Friday. Fairly bricking it. It’s been a while and I don’t know these guys that well so I am hoping to make a good impression but man…

Also spent £65 on a C64 Mini. I am not sure why. I don’t even have that many games I could play on it that I recall fondly but here we are.

Waiting for @guntrip to tell us what his film preview was last night…


Watching Scooby Doo in bed. Need to get Boomerang so we can watch Be Cool, Scooby Doo, which I much prefer to whatever version we’re currently watching.


Morning all.

Last day of my holidays today, so in true DiS tradition I’m awake 20 minutes after normal and can’t get back to sleep.

Got a shit load of laundry to do, need to go and get a b’day present for my GF, need to clean the oven and my dad may be popping round to drop off some beer and pick up the wine and fig jam I brought him and my mum back from Croatia. The early start will probably help get through all that.

Edit: But I’ve just seen @scout’s post and am now tempted to just sit and watch cartoons.

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Can’t wait until we’ve fully upgraded to Cartoon Network cartoons, and no more Peppa Pig nonsense that we sometimes still have to indulge.


Yeah great.

I’m drunk, going to bed. Love you all.


I’ve just discovered that they removed Batman: the animated series from Amazon Prime. Gutted.

I actually think the modern WB versions of their classic cartoons are decent

There are loads -

  • just go on that WB Kids channel. Classic ones too.
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Most of their stuff I’ve only watched on various holidays where they have CN as standard, so it’s all been in Spanish. Remember being quite into one called Clarence. Feel like lots of the current cartoons on there all have a bit of a 90s vibe that I can fully get on board with.

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I think roadrunner and coyote is a classic for the youngest of kids. It’s pretty cool how much my daughter loves it as indeed I did as a kid and her granddad did!

Slept SO WELL last night and finally recovered from my hangover from Saturday. Yes, Saturday. I am very much too old for this shit.

Meeting a cat :cat: after work that I’m going to be looking after for a couple of weeks. What’s bad about that?


(cc @BodyInTheThames cos he asked in the evening thread)

It was this

It was preeeeeetty cheesy in places and the time was all over the place but I found enough to enjoy in it.

Also I grew up in Luton - looked like a lot of it was actually filmed there too, which was a trip. And the accents were pretty spot on, too.


Been up since 530. Got ready and went for a run but was barely halfway before I desperately needed a poo so sprinted home and just made it. Wednesday.


Mornibg All!


I have had this a few times with my early morning runs. Luckily the parks have really clean superloos in them where I was running. These days I just make sure.

Alrighty epimer

Got a major launch of a new marketing scheme today. Have an absence review meeting to conduct. Busy day

oh mates I’m drinking an absolutely banging coffee