Wednesday Morning and Afternoon Thread (20/06/18)


Morning glampers,

Up early because I’m actually going into the office today. Have some training that is actually useful to my job. Have other stuff to do but can’t really remember what.

Realised I’m pretty much deaf in one ear at the moment due to it swallowing water, thirsty ear eh.

What’s happening in your lives?


good morning and afternoon unluckily


Please, save some #content for the afternoon.


it’s only half past six but i don’t care
it’s two o’clock somewhere!


going to leave for work a bit earlier than usual and get petrol on the way. if any of you have something more exciting planned in the next hour i’d like to hear it


Cycling from Okehampton to Bristol. Feel knackered from yesterday still :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


Sports day today - no head or SLT around so it’s my time to shine!!! (do the announcements on the mic)


Morning. Tough night with the baby. The TV is understandably grouchy and tired and frustrated. Yay


Everything still hurts. Binning work off again.


My bus into the office now has wi-fi. Game-changer.


You’ve got this pn :slight_smile:


Today’s gonna be a shiter


really depressed about the world but at least I’m going to see some friends today hopefully that will cheer me up


I’ve now got an 8 minute walk to work so I’m still in bed. :smiley:


Other people are often the answer. Also, album in 2 days :smiley:


So late for work, don’t even care

Annoyed at someone scheduling a 30 min meeting with me on Friday which means I can’t wfh. Ergh why would you do that.

Just kinda feeling a little annoyed at everything today. Wish I was still in bed with the tv.


Petrol update

i wanted to put £15.00 in
i put £15.02 in

oh the shame


True facts if I fill my tank up and it stops on or to close to a whole pound I’ll put in some more so I don’t look like I’ve been trying to hit the mark on purpose.


Feel like I’m dying in this London smog/heat/fug :sweat:

Going to a mystery movie preview tonight. I’ve been to two previously, which ended up being Molly’s Game and Love Simon, so I’m 2/2 right now. But I tactically booked an end seat in the slim chance it turns out to be the new Mamma Mia film…


i don’t understand the reasoning behind this