Wednesday morning, day is dawning

Going to kick this off with dream chat, sorry. But I dreamt that Keanu Reeves and my ex were the stars of Men Behaving Badly.

Waiting for my new wardrobe, and I’ve got two toddlers all day.



Unwell stomach, new job, usual dilemma.

Ikea has arrived. The driver said ‘go head’ about 8 times in 2 minutes. Love early morning Scousers. Thank you for bringing your Merseyside joy into my life :heart_eyes:


Oh bollocks. Nothjng for it but to pepto bismol your way through :persevere:


that’s great that its here and out of the way… you having to construct it yourself?

Dream chat: Me, my wife, work friend, someone else I can’t remember and (all 4 members of) Nirvana all getting chased and killed by Arnie as the Terminator.

The final scene of the dream before waking up: Laying on the floor (in a 90’s supermarket) with Mr Terminator busting through the wall and hundreds of bullets from his mini gun raining down in slow mo on the floor. My eyes locked with the drummer from Nirvana as we lay prone with a “I guess we’re fucked” look.

Morning all.



What wardrobe have you got @scout?

Today is my no toddler day. Should bike, trying to overcome a potent mox of cba and fear though.

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Yeah, I managed to build my bed when I was 8 months pregnant so I reckon it’ll be easy. Lol, kill me.


I got the tram in this morning. off to Leeds this evening :train2: :beers: :soccer:

Just one of the cheapest Ikea ones, landlady wouldn’t cough up for it even though hers is a piece of crap with no doors. I actually wanted soemthing sturdier but this cheap one was the only one I liked the look of.

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looking forward to you looking around for Screw 4BC9 that can only be lodged up one of the kids noses :laughing:


My alarm wasn’t set so I woke up 15 minutes before I needed to leave and when I got out of bed I felt like someone was standing on my head.

Getting a parcel today which means I get to spend the whole day being anxious about whether I’m going to be outed to random neighbours, yay!

Ridiculous that to opt out you have to a) provide Royal Mail with a reason (literally none of your business, thanks), and b) display a sticker advertising the fact on your letter box so that your neighbours will think you view them as thieves.

Fuck offffffff.

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radio 1 just had the manager of a mattress factory in coz he was on that mad gregg wallace show last night. anyone know if it was our boy @itsgits?

really enjoying this image of scout jr with several noses just dotted around her face


A couple of weeks ago I had a dream that I was employed as a Mel B look a like / impersonator to appear at Mel B’s birthday party. I can tell you that she was, unsurprisingly, not impressed.

Morning all,

Bunch of work to do this morning, hospital appointment this afternoon, and then more work probably.

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Morning all. Day off today. Going to go and get my hair cut, and that’s the extent of my plans :grinning:


Have some meetings today where I basically need to talk to people being paid 3 times as much as me like ten year olds :confused:

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No doors? That sounds awful, no wonder you needed a new one.

Currently in my room here I have my mums lovely old wooden wardrobe, going to do my best to steal it when I move out because I could never afford anything like it (it has an awful cream paint job, not sure if I cba to sand it and refinsh though)

Cannae be FUCKED

I mean… morning.