Wednesday morning eternal toaster question


If you change the time setting after you’ve pushed the toast down does it take the new value or the original one?

Good morning.


Did a massive fart as I posted this and my daughter said “well that DEFINITELY was you! Say pardon.”

How grumpy are you?

New value


Yep, what @ma0sm says.

Why is winter back ffs?


morning everyone


the dial essential cranks up the value


abandons new thread

It’s the lesser-spotted ‘awake before 8am’ Pervo!

I am retaking my media law exam in London this morning. Only marginally failed last time even though I basically had no idea how to approach the exam last time (yay for distance learning!), and am much better prepared this time but mixture of having lots of tension headaches recently, a gerbil death, planning an enormous Countdown tournament and sleep deprivation have all played their part in hampering my revision. Worried that the last month of revision is just going to fall straight out of my head as soon as I open my exam paper. Exams held before 10am shouldn’t be allowed :frowning:


I blame @thewarn


The new one!

Morning Theo and everyone. My throat feels like it spent the night having rabid badgers being dragged down it. :tired_face: I dreamed about the tomatoes I planted yesterday growing over night, I’m going to be disappointed aren’t I ?


good luck, Pervect!


It’s cold. I have to make a really tricky schedule for a project today which I have put off for ages. Need coffee. It’s bloody freezing.

Edit: so cold I said it twice :neutral_face:


Morning all. Gonna have a maccers breakfast then got a long slow train ride from Belgrade to Zagreb. Gonna catch up on some reading I reckon.


good afternoon /evening to you


Thanks cowsers.

Is there an official time where afternoon becomes evening?

Does it depend on the time of year / sunset?

It’s 16:39, but overcast and definitely feels eveningy.

Pls advise.


Never before 17:00. That’s the absolute earliest evening time.


Morning! Was looking for old photos just now and found these, my colleague from my old job would always take my phone and just take photos of everyone (no idea to this day why) and there are so many like this :grinning: (still impressed by how I had the guts to turn up looking so scruffy too, probably why I got fired)


A Thread For Tomorrow: Do you have a work wife/husband?

So it is a sliding scale, but with a hard minimum?


Correct, with the increasingly outdated notion of a ‘9-5’ defining the hard minimum. I’d also take a long hard look at anyone who suggested evening hadn’t started by 19:00.


I’m glad we’ve cleared that up.

How about the transition from evening to night? Is this based purely on sunset? Does evening have a minimum time?


i agree with our twinkle toed friend