Wednesday morning. Hello!!

Morning everyone from Peterborough services where I’m having a maccys brekky.

Gonna beep my horn all the way through the Cambridge section of the a14 to try and annoy @Epimer

How is everyone today


Mate the skip van has been here since 7.20, I can’t hear anything that’s more than fifteen feet away, go nuts

Back from work. 3-4 hours sleep. Now start up my other work in 11 minutes……#coffee #letsdothisguys! #crycrycry

Are u doing a single or double storey extension? #extensionchat

Aeropress gang rise up

Moccamaster Big Potheads…err also rise up

Morning all!

I’m still coming to terms with having to teach on a Wednesday morning for the first time in about nine months.

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Trying to work this into a joke about teachers have long holidays but my heart isn’t in it

Hi everyone. Instead of sleeping I spent the night with the chorus of I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston repeating in my head for 9 hours. Fun!



Need to walk the dog, nip to Sainsbo’s and then do some turbo tidying before house viewings.

Single, I’m not made of money!!!

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Not sure about this Wednesday business

high smoking pot GIF

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I cba

Morning folks, walked past a happy golden retriever within seconds of leaving the flat this morning, which I take to be a good omen for the day.

Catching up with a beloved pal after work today, taking advantage of working in the middle of a city rather than a remote university campus :+1:


Heh, not great really.


Ended up watching all of this last night - last episode is pretty bad, loses all the tension and goes daft. Should have been less episodes

Tired, not got much work but need to work on interview prep, got to prepare a 10 minute presentation :worried:

Have a :sauropod: for trying.

It was meant to be a Triceratops but there was no closer emoji.

Admittedly, about nine weeks of of those nine months have been holidays but it is still a bit of a shock to the system.

Good Morning from Surrey

I’m in the office for the first time in 2022. It’s like a ghost town, obviously. Can’t say I’m that keen on being here, but omicron turned me into a bit of a hermit over the last two months and perhaps it’s a reasonable way of me venturing out into the world again.