WEDNESDAY MORNING (It's Pi day if you can't use a calendar!)


The 30th anniversary according to Google but surely it’s always been Pi day? We good calendar users (i.e. not Americans) have ‘Pi Approximation Day’ on 22/7 but given 22/7 is accurate to 2 decimal places how is it any more approximate than 3.14 being called Pi day.

ANYWAY, the main thing is that when you look at Pi Day on Wikipedia you get this picture and caption which is pretty much pure perfection:



Midweek Daily Thread

I am fascinated with piphilology, in particular ‘pilish’


Ooh, interesting.


Trying to find a news story I saw recently on it. There are books written with 10000s of words all following the sequence of pi


I thought Pi was 3.14 etc., not 14.3?


He’s in Australia, so everything’s upside down.



Got a new starter having an intro day with the team, the first of three. Haven’t a clue what I am going to do with her.

Early finish, kids this evening. Barca v Chelsea too.

What about you, huns?


Alright he_2

Been at work for half hour or so. Should be a straight forward day, although a little hectic this morning. Nothing else to say really.


Gonna try and go to work today. Still don’t feel right though :neutral_face:


I’ve got a meeting at half eight. In the morning. This morning.

Fuck off, Wednesday.


Currently in a video meeting. Started at 6am… :grimacing:


Good grief! Is it with folk overseas?


Go well pniks. Hope you manage okay.


Yep. UK, USA, Hong Kong and Australia. It’s worse for one of my US colleagues - 2am to 4am… I mean, I’d just say “nah, you’re alright m9.”


Rather puts the occasional 5:30 finish into perspective, for sure.


Apparently it’s #WillyWednesday.


Waking up early + struggling to sleep night before = fuuuuuck ooooooffff


Didn’t fall asleep till 1:30, as one if the cats wouldn’t take his meds and he seems poorly.

Woke up at 5:30 due to the other healthy cat catching a mouse.

I doesn’t look like Gizmo wants his meds this morning. Think I’ll call the vets at 8.

So tired.


Ah man, that’s shitty. Hope Gizmo is okay.


Heading down to that London for some meetings as our CEO is in town. Morning DiS!