Wednesday morning lateness

Hello friends

I was supposed to be at work in 10 mins time. I’m approximately 1hr30m away.



I’m supposed to be at work in 8 mins. I will not be there in 8mins. Also leaving early today. What they gonna do about it, fire me?!

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Also running 15 mins late. I’ll probably do a half hour overtime though :man_shrugging:

Oh yeah I’ll leave later, I’m just annoyed with myself

@Im_On_Safari yes they might

My train to Birmingham was cancelled, so I’m in the next one without a reserved seat. Gonna be fun!

I’m still in bed.

I do not have a fixed start time. Usually walk in and get in for 8.

Got the train and got in for 9

On the tube. Cold. Will be about ten minutes late.

Hotel breakfast. Why can’t hotels cook eggs properly and instead leave a layer of egg white goo on top? No one wants to eat that.

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Wish I could pay a hitman to shoot me in the head at point blank range when I’m not expecting it and put an end to this

I was so late in getting sorted this morning that I decided to work from home instead of inevitably having parking bullshit to deal with.

Unfortunately it’s looking like quite a full day so minimum slacking time to take advantage of. Rubbish.

Oh mate! Please don’t say that :frowning:


Love to have a flexible start time. Live a fifteen minute walk from the office and get in any time between 8:30 and 9:30, idgaf

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We can get in any time between 8 and 10, there was a department meeting at 9. Which I have missed. And I’ll probably get in for after 10 :woman_facepalming:t2:

Literally my own fault, my alarm had been going off for a full hour and a half before I woke up!

Good stuff though: massive project I’ve been helping with is launching today and I’ve done 95% of everything on my to-do list already. Exciting!


Legitimately cannot cope with the thought of today rn

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Off today innit. Gonna open an ISA

Can you still get a Help to Buy one? They’re pretty decent. I switched my savings to one and actually get a proper interest rate.

meant to be there 13 mins ago so obviously have gone to get a coffee first


Not nice to hear you say this :slightly_frowning_face: keep your chin up