Wednesday Morning New Low

This morning I used my daughter’s bus pass to tap her ‘in’ on the bus to school and then held onto her wallet as I always do, rather than putting it back in the bag.

This is a bus that had four people on, two of them kids.

By the time it came to tapping us out I couldn’t find her wallet. Nowhere to be found. I looked all over the bits of the bus we’d been in but didn’t really go to the back so maybe it got to the back of the bus but fuck knows.

Anyway, this is a new low for my impressive ability to completely fucking lose anything. So that’s her library card, bus pass card and Canadian wallet her nan and pop brought back for her gone unless a cleaner calls it in. Gutted.

Otherwise it’s a nice day. Still waiting for Hyundai to decide whether the fucked up bit of our car’s engine can fall under the guarantee or not. Not hopeful there at all. If it it’s not then not sure we’ll pay the many 1000s of dollars needed to resolve the issue :frowning:

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Thought for a minute they’d released a follow up to Double Negative :frowning:


In all seriousness, that sounds super annoying, Theo. I hope it turns up and/or the replacement passes aren’t too bad :slight_smile:


Replacements aren’t a biggie, it’s more she loved the wallet and was sad about it but she’s not yet mentioned it.

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Had a dream that Jamie Redknapp had been tricked into uploading a dickpix to Twitter.

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I’m sure he doesn’t need to be tricked into posting pictures of his dad.


Notifications gubbed for anyone else?

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I got one for Theo’s response… Unfortunately.


Had a very bad sleep, kept waking up cause of my extremely sore throat and feel like shite now. Going shopping this morning with my mum to get my birthday present so at least there’s that.

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Just been there with the throat - grim and horrible. Currently this cough is lingering like a bastard which means I can’t run, which is annoying as the weather has turned and got nicer… GWS

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I reckon it’ll show up in a bag or pocket :crossed_fingers:

Lots of robins on the walk to nursery this morning. Highly tedious “work” to do today which includes planning some instagram posts and it takes me such a long time and just makes me feel like a but of a wanker tbh.


Working from home motherflippers.

Working from home because I stupidly said yes to doing a gig in Brussels tonight.

Brussels is in Belgium. I am not in Belgium. We are returning tonight too. Thankfully I don’t have to drive, so can just sing.

Getting some washing done though, so that’s good.

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Get the driver to drive you to Doel. I really want to go there but I don’t drive, so you can be my eyes.

I went to bed early last night because I was sick of feeling knackered all the time. Seems to have worked.

Had a dream that Paul Hollywood posted negative feedback on the App Store about the app I’m working on.

North west of Antwerp? Might be literally insane to fit that in today, but might check it out another time since Antwerp only costs me €6 on the train

Nah, sorry, checked it all :pensive:

I mean only go if you like really depressing abandoned industrial towns

I got that impression from the pics on Google maps, looks amazing!

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I checked, and confirmed I don’t have Theo’s daughter’s wallet :frowning: