Wednesday Morning thread - 20 July 2022

Morning all. I hope the weather is treating you a bit more kindly this morning?

Trains to London have been cancelled so no departmental away day for me. :partying_face: However I do need to join via Teams so it’s not a total let-off.

What do your days have in store?

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Morning :cloud:

Got a meeting in town at 12, a meeting in stretford at 12.30, a meeting back in town at 1.30. Reader, this is quite literally impossible. Then got a tour this evening for some journos who are paying me mere pennies. Judy Finnegan’s son is babysitting for M after school, she better come home with some hot gossip for me.

Extremely late for work.


My silly cat came back which is great. Have a lot to do that i was putting off due to the heat so a bit stressed now


Forgot my mac charger - even more extremely late it is then!


Going out for a bit because it’s relatively cool and fresh out there but the house is still baking.

Think I’ll cycle into Brum because I’ve got a bit of admin to take care of and there’s a new bike cafe I want to try.

Will be able to take the dog for a walk at some point later on.

nice and cool here so far. think i got about 6 hours of sleep last night so slowly getting over jetlag and back into a normal routine. do however have a cold and feel quite groggy and shit.

having a massive pot of coffee and getting annoyed at editing work. back to normal then aye.

Found out that ewoks aren’t baby wookies. Still too hot tbh

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They’re bloody mowing the lawn outside.

Ffs. The first morning I’ve had for some quiet cool time. Go away.

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Still recovering from work last night. Was so unbelievably hot. Had sweat dripping off my nose and everything.
Worked out I drank 5.5 litres of water and didn’t have time for dinner. Still haven’t eaten since lunchtime. Better get up and rectify that with a spot of toast and what have you. Then catch up on the athletics :blush:

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In an air conditioned office today. Why didn’t I think of that yesterday? Anyway, the temperature is far more manageable today regardless of where I am. Before I left, Jimbo was bouncing off the walls saying “are you excited about the school holidays tomorrow daddy?” Erm, no. I’ve got back to back meetings all day tomorrow.

Thunder and lightning forecast for later at checks forecast just around the time I’ll be driving home. Can’t wait.

Made it to work but had to get a different train line

At work you can now swim in the quays. Not sure tho.

  • I’d swim here
  • I would not swim here

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There’s a baby Wookiee in the Star Wars Holiday Special. He’s called Lumpy.

Am I making this up? Impossible to know.

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swear it feels like i’ve barely slept these last days, heat sleep just aint real sleep

drag through a boring day, try to do at least a few useful things, then off to Modest Mouse for the first time in a decade woo!

Much nicer today. Did normal summer things like had my morning coffee on the patio reading a book.

Seeing the dental hygienist later. Mildly apprehensive.

Jon interview today, wish I’d slept better and not been so heat blasted, feeling a bit dopey and stressed. And my normal train route is disrupted. Oh well.

It would have to be a very hot day to swim in any river / sea. However, I think it would be quite an experience to swim there.

Gonna listen to that big REM playlist all day and announce soap opera votes I think.

After someone TV knows getting some really serious infection from Duck Shit after doing the legitimate Saturday Morning swim in Salford Quays. Nope.

Phoned in again today. Probably was ok to go back, but hey. Laying on the sofa watching High Fidelity (film). Gonna have soup for lunch and hopefully not feel wiped out after lunch.


Dat breeze tho.

Did see a cleaner who looked like she’d collapsed outside one of the buildings on my way in today, she had plenty of people looking out for her and help was arriving just as I walked past. A bit of a reminder that though the silly heat’s gone, it’s still really quite hot.

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