Wednesday Morning thread - 20 July 2022

I would swim here, but then I’ve got a swimming reputation to keep up.

I did get a tip last week, which I’ve yet to try out - My other half was talking to some other river swimmers, and to neutralise any bugs which might be in the water which you might accidentally take in they drink a can of Coke after their swim.

Feels a bit like the old thing of putting a penny in coke overnight and it coming up shiny in the morning to me, but I’m willing to give it a try (after last summer was pretty much written off after getting ill from ingesting river water)

It’s not quite a river or the sea I don’t think? It’s like a basin so it doesn’t have a current?

Oh it’s more “any body of water that’s not a swimming pool” - I don’t mind currents etc, but I don’t like the cold water!

did you see the HF show? really enjoyed that, such a shame it was canned as Zoe K was grand in the lead. Film still holds up as a proper fav of the era for me

No I didn’t. Not going to lie though, not overly enjoying the film

:frowning: aw

Yeah remember I’m not really a film person mind

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I’d read the book before the film came out, and it always jarred that they’d moved it from the UK to America.

I love Jack Black’s character in the film though


well, hope it helps distract for a few hours anyway

also forgot yesterday - Like Eating Glass has gotta be the SA standout for me, one of my all time album openers. But also the quiet build of Blue Light to that bit where the drums take off … pretty heartbreaking. Man I adore this album

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Chicago did at least feel like a good city for it, the show moves it to Brooklyn now

Parquet Courts had a running bit discussing all those location changes during their Pitchfork fest set last weekend

All these poor bastards staring at blank departure boards inside the world’s biggest greenhouse

Absolutely sweltering in there still

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What film is this?


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Winnie has been really snuggly all through the heatwave, curling up next to me in bed despite it being unbearably warm in bed already. Weirdo :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Really fucking smug about this wasn’t I and in the time between then and now everything has gone down the toilet. Shit day fuck off.

Think the main character comes across as more of a moany/dislikeable presence in 2022 than he did when I first watched it. Still enough great moments to carry it through though. Need to watch the show.

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agree with that, but also think he always was presented as being self-indulgent and whiny to a degree. So it’s not as bad as the rom-coms where the supposedly likeable, charming main guy turns out to be creepy or controlling on a rewatch - no one can watch HF and think that Rob is meant to be an ideal guy (surely)

still dunno how I loved this and the soundtrack so much, but it took me to 2022 to get into Stereolab


Downloading that new game Stray. Will be playing Stray all day because my tummy hurts and the milk’s off so no coffee. Boo hiss


I’ve spent all morning reading about Stray <3