Wednesday Morning thread

Submit your AQOS answers day guys.

I used my lunch hour to finish off a little cardboard house for my daughter that I started at the weekend

It’s made with paper binders and IKEA packing cardboard.

More photos in the instagram post: [url][/url]


I’m consistently waking up at 5.45 at the moment. It’s such a drag.

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That does sound supershit

I know the feeling, keep waking up unnecessarily at 5:something and it is beyond annoying. I guess my body is just ignoring the clocks have changed, but only in the morning as I am not falling asleep earlier to make up for it :sleepy:

Morning Theo, SSF and flashinglight

Just off to work. I have nothing planned at all for today. What a drag. Have fun on this Wednesday morning everyone.

Just got in from work. Breakfast, shower then back into the office again.

Today is all saint’s day.


No architectural commentary on my cardboard shack? :smiley:

I think Pure Shores is the only All Saints song I’ve heard that I particularly liked. I also liked his work with Madonna around the same time. On the other hand I thought he made Blur mostly sound really boring…

Has anyone welcomed Wyclef Jean back? If not: welcome back, Wyclef Jean!



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I have it set as a recurring event on my phone:


Err, it’s not AQOS answers day - that’s Friday. It is however the deadline day for submissions this evening.

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Sorry, I don’t have access to your calendar. I’ll be more specific: has anyone on posted to welcome Wyclef Jean back? If not, welcome back!


Good morning all, anyway. We’re having carpets fitted in the girls’ bedrooms so the house is a chaos of toy boxes and bookshelves and mattresses. Got my fingers crossed that the fitters get it all done.

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That’s what I meant, sorry!

Morning all!

I woke up at 3.00 and struggled to get back to sleep.

It’s really wet outside.

That’s exactly it, I’m waking up bang on what would have been 6.45, except it’s not.


Hello chums, not working today thank christ. Possible plans for the day:

  • tidy flat
  • mix some music
  • play resident evil: code veronica
  • eat leftover halloween sweets

Currently eating crunchy nut clusters. 9/10 cereal imo.

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Met up with a former colleague yesterday for beers and war stories, which was lovely.

Farts that even the dark lord himself (@epimer) would be ashamed of this morning.

Dog has joined me on the bed for a cuppa.


Morning all. Ended up playing keyboards and then guitar during the gig I went to see last night. Pretty hilarious and I think it sounded good.

Off to zombie job this morning. Found an egg on a seat on the bus.


@moderators could you make this Epimer’s tagline?