Wednesday morning thread


I’m up with insomnia (it’s 01:11am) although I just took an ambien which should hopefully sort that out soon. The mac and cheese challenge from yesterday was a success, photo in the evening thread. Don’t even ask what I’m doing today, making pies for thanksgiving or something else cooking-related.


Hope you get back to sleep soon, GP!

Am on my way to work, although was later than intended. Was aiming to do a timing run on the Southern service to MK for some colleagues but was up too late.

Plenty of tired, really need an early night tonight. Not much on really today, early finish to pick the kids up from school…

Have a good one, all.



Morning. Knackered. CBA. Much like any normal day.



Sweet poem/protest chant, @rich-t!


Morning team.

Going to the dentist today for the first time in a long time. I know I need a lot of work done, and even maybe some serious shit, but I am still anxious as hell.


It’s unseasonably warm today. Train heating is on maximum though. Absolutely baking.


Ughhh only got about 2 hours sleep tonight for some inexplicable reason. It’s snowed overnight, it would appear.

Spending the day at an industry seminar about gender balance in film which they (the national Film Institute!) have chosen to give the title “Let’s talk about sex”. It’s like they’re not even trying. Might be interesting but have a feeling I’ll struggle to get through it considering the lack of sleep



And then book club tonight.



Bllleuuurrghhh so… much… beer…



Made it to sleep before 12 for the first time in ages and didn’t wake up in the middle of the night. Somehow still feel shattered. Fortunately it’s a WFH day, which is good as I don’t think I could face the office after yesterday’s meeting.

Will be collecting my Nintendo Switch at lunchtime, so probably have a go on that this evening.


Was going to do an all nighter last night so foolishly had coffee at 12 PM. Feeling good, which only means I’m going to crash and burn later!


Used to do all nighters all the time when I was an undergraduate (and still function the rest of the day). Now just the idea of them stresses me out, is this what ageing is


In meetings half the day. Should kill some time


Never gonna do it again, my eyes are sore and I can’t stop thinking about the essay!! Must organise myself better!


Seem to have really injured my back and it’s very very sore. Trying 5o figure out how I can get to work but probably will have to use a sick day :frowning:


Got a panicked message from a friend at 1am asking for help with an essay. I think she maybe cast a spell so I would have lots of free time to help her today.


That’s certainly the most responsible use of magic I’ve ever heard of :smile:


Yeah well she should hone her skills a bit more cause it really hurt my back. Snow day next time please.


Hope you get to sleep GP! And I hope your back feels better DB!

The TV and I went to see some jazz last night, top notch stuff. On the bus to work now, can’t wait to do nothing again. I do have to chase up some invoices from my poster work so I’ll have fun with that.


Been awake since 4:30 realising I have conjunctivitis. Its grim.