Wednesday Morning (UK) thread


It’s 6am, why aren’t you already awake? You’re missing half the day!!!


I’m awake.

Got to do more training and site tours, then flying back to the UK by midnight. Then driving home.

It’s going to be another long day.


Where are you on tour then?

I found a massive penoid shop the next block over from my office in Melbourne. Great stuff.



Congratulations on your massive penoid.


Oh I see. I guess it’s at least 7.15 for you all the way out there. Nice.

Thanks for the congrats.


Morning @1101010 + @Epimer

My mum has most definitely ruined Facebook but I can’t leave because she would tell me I’m trying to cut her out of my life (as she did once when I put her on limited profile and she found out). She calls me with instructions to post photos of what I’m doing so my family in South America can see what I’m doing.

Hope she never discovers Twitter.


Alright, lads?
Poor old Susanna Reid is on GMB today, with Richard Madeley acting all Partridge. That poor woman. If it’s not Morgan, it’s someone else. What a breakfast TV Saint


great link theo love xx




It’s so dark :astonished:


Mum Facebook? Too true, Nikkers!





Lovely photos did you get the msg about Sunday lunch let me know if you are about. Dad xx








Keep going…


Morning all

Today is my Friday :slight_smile: although my four day weekend will mainly be spent decorating my daughters’ bedrooms.

Might treat myself to some kind of breakfast bap from the station café this morning.