Wednesday Morning (UK) thread




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Keep going…

Morning all

Today is my Friday :slight_smile: although my four day weekend will mainly be spent decorating my daughters’ bedrooms.

Might treat myself to some kind of breakfast bap from the station café this morning.

Yes, middle aged women are truly what’s ruining the internet. How am i gonng to read my racist uncle’s thoughts on immigration or someone i went to school with mansplaining something to a stranger if my feed is cluttered up with people’s mums commenting “let’s get coffee soon x” on their friends’ photos?


It’s a fair point. FWIW my dad is a much worse Facebooker than my stepmum was. (My mum never lived to see social media but she would have liked all my photos and been a right gem).

Theo, this is all your fault!

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Good morning everyone.

At the airport. Being on a diet and having free buffet and alcohol in front of you is a real test of resolve. So far staying strong.

(My Mum’s not even ON facebook - where are her indie points, and can they be delivered by post?)


My mum is good on Facebook. She can be a bit embarrassing obvs but she also shows me other people’s posts and bitches about them, and also shows me vids/pics of this kid called WILBER (short for WILBERFORCE ffs :'D) who is severely developmentally damaged but is a little sweetie.

I want to go back to sleep immediately. Waking up before 8 is hideous.

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Worst thing I can say about my mum really is she’s a bit tin foil hat about some things online, especially social media.

Good Mums on facebook include: @Owensmaterob’s mum and @xylo’s mum.


@marilyninthesky’s too!


not yet encountered, but am sure is a top Mum

Morning DiS. Regards to all of yours mothers’.

I have to leave the house quite early atm so have got into a habit of just having a smoothie when i wake up and eating a second breakfast when i get to work and slacking off for half an hour. It’s win-win.


Can confirm. She mainly use it for calling out her friends’ racism, mocking me, and posting pictures of sourdough that she’s made. Good #content.


You forgot jams.

So glad we finally met so that I felt confident enough to add her.

It’s been very rewarding.

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That said…


Social meh-dia

So exhausted today - was still awake at 3:30 this morning, alarm went off at 5:15.

Not going to function well at all today. Thankfully I am on my bank of desks on my own and I finish at 2, so not all bad.


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Morning theo and etc

got to decide by the end of the day to go on a secondment or not.

Pros - think i’ll enjoy it and be good at it; will be good experience for whatever my so called career actually is; get to wfh 2 days a week; i really need a break from my current job

Cons - will involve commuting to london the other 3 days; commuting expenses wont be reimbursed so will cost me a fair bit; will leave my team in a bit of a hole


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