Wednesday Morning (UK) thread

It’s a fair point. FWIW my dad is a much worse Facebooker than my stepmum was. (My mum never lived to see social media but she would have liked all my photos and been a right gem).

Theo, this is all your fault!

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Good morning everyone.

At the airport. Being on a diet and having free buffet and alcohol in front of you is a real test of resolve. So far staying strong.

(My Mum’s not even ON facebook - where are her indie points, and can they be delivered by post?)


My mum is good on Facebook. She can be a bit embarrassing obvs but she also shows me other people’s posts and bitches about them, and also shows me vids/pics of this kid called WILBER (short for WILBERFORCE ffs :'D) who is severely developmentally damaged but is a little sweetie.

I want to go back to sleep immediately. Waking up before 8 is hideous.

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Worst thing I can say about my mum really is she’s a bit tin foil hat about some things online, especially social media.

Good Mums on facebook include: @Owensmaterob’s mum and @xylo’s mum.


@marilyninthesky’s too!


not yet encountered, but am sure is a top Mum

Morning DiS. Regards to all of yours mothers’.

I have to leave the house quite early atm so have got into a habit of just having a smoothie when i wake up and eating a second breakfast when i get to work and slacking off for half an hour. It’s win-win.


Can confirm. She mainly use it for calling out her friends’ racism, mocking me, and posting pictures of sourdough that she’s made. Good #content.


You forgot jams.

So glad we finally met so that I felt confident enough to add her.

It’s been very rewarding.

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That said…


Social meh-dia

So exhausted today - was still awake at 3:30 this morning, alarm went off at 5:15.

Not going to function well at all today. Thankfully I am on my bank of desks on my own and I finish at 2, so not all bad.


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Morning theo and etc

got to decide by the end of the day to go on a secondment or not.

Pros - think i’ll enjoy it and be good at it; will be good experience for whatever my so called career actually is; get to wfh 2 days a week; i really need a break from my current job

Cons - will involve commuting to london the other 3 days; commuting expenses wont be reimbursed so will cost me a fair bit; will leave my team in a bit of a hole


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Woke up at 07:00 for some unknown reason. Have a meetinh with the Credit Union this morning, which I’m sure will be an absolute joy. Load of work to do all day then before I meet the TV this evening and we watch the original ‘Blade Runner’ together.

Morning all :wave:

Today I’m moving all my music stuff back into the room and plugging it all back in etc. :sweat:

First… :coffee:

What did you do for firstment!!!

I jest, I trust you to make the right decision.


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Positive thinking from the youngest


Any way you can cycle part of the distance to save a bit of cash and keep fit?

What’s the back out plan, if you don’t like it after a month or whatever…you stuck there?