Wednesday Morning UK time thread


Made a soda bread.

So simple, so good.


Looks good.

Morning all.

Heating back on today. Now going round the house checking which radiators are on, which ones we turned right down and which ones are completely off.

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Doesn’t even rhyme


Coming down with something :tired_face: I have been successful in avoiding colds so hopefully can beat this one soon. Have a big meeting today for my PhD and am sat in a cafe preparing for it and trying not to fall asleep. My friends cats have had kittens though!! Hope to visit later this month and see them, what a treat. Also met 2 really good dogs this morning, one was a big sheepdog like the one in the paint ads and the other was a beagle :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Also good luck with the PhD stuff. What you gonna be getting a doctorate in?

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My research is about the intersection between public health and environmental challenges, love it a lot!

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Just had my chai and now I’m raring to go (home).

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Said something smart and incisive in my first meeting of the day already, so that’s me done for the week


What chai do you you drink? I’m getting into the chai game. Been enjoying the yogi ones.

I have chai lattes so never just black ones. I buy Aura Chai which is incredible, you need to brew it in a little chai pot (or saucepan) with the milk and strain it as its loose.

Because not many places in town sell it as she’s just a local indie who makes it I have ended up getting a bit hooked on the sweet chais too which are essentially just syrup and cinnamon which I used to be snobby about but the sugar content has obviously got me addicted regardless. So I now add maple syrup to my aura chais from time to time, like a big baby.

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Got a big presentation to give to a 100% tory council (plus public gallery) tonight - so of course I had no sleep, and I’ve got a massive fucking spot on my nose.

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What a beautiful morning!

Need to catch up on work from yesterday for a meeting tomorrow but hopefully find time for a run too.


Wow, this is advanced level stuff. Maybe it’s time to graduate to the loose stuff too. Do you use dairy milk or an alternative?

Refuse to turn the heating on so I’m wearing a fleece and a jacket.


I use barista oat milk or soy sometimes but always the barista ones. I did make it with a non barista almond recently and it was ok I guess.

I really like the ceremony of having a little pot just for it, especially as drinking a whole mug of quite fatty milk with maple syrup in it isn’t something I should be doing several times a day so making it feel special helps with me keeping my habit to one a day.


I didnt wake up til nine! Oops. Gonna need some emergency toast and marmite when i get into the office. Was gonna try and stay aff it this week but think i’m out for #beers tonight.


I absolutely fucking hate Birmingham

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who is the greatest horse of all time

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Good aquarium though


Feeling hungover and bleak. Suns out at least